Tips to Follow Before Removalists Arrive For Smooth Moving In Melbourne, Australia

Moving to new property in Melbourne, Australia from the existing place whether it may be a home or any office should be done using good moving services. Better planning before the arrival of removalists will make your move speedier without any obstacle or delay. Thus, pack all your belongings in boxes, and then place them in one room. This will give movers unobstructed pathway on the moving day.

A streamlined move helps you save time and money. Any good movers and packers company can make your relocation easy and stress-free on the moving day. Compare free quotes online and choose the one that is fair, reliable, honest, and provides security to your belongings.

Easy Peasy Removals is one of the most reputed movers you can hire. For relocating anywhere in Melbourne, Australia you’ll need 2 men with a truck to move you carefully to the new property. They have several vehicles, including big and small-sized trucks for apartments or office moving purposes. Their local skilled removalists will transport belongings safely without damaging them.


Here are a few tips that make your moving process easier if you could follow them before your removalists arrive.

  • Get Rid of all unnecessary things 
  • Remove things that are not required
  • Inform your removalists about the things that needs transportation
  • Disassemble as much as you can
  • Disassemble the furniture and appliances
  • You can even ask the removalists in Melbourne, Australia to help you with it upon arrival
  • Empty and store your fridge items in an esky
  • Avoid spilling or any breakage in the fridge by emptying it.
  • Store some food in an esky-containing ice pack so you can have quick bites while moving to boost your energy levels.
  • Taping
  • Secure TV screen, fridge doors, or any sensitive appliances with a no-stripe or non-abrasive tape.
  • So, that they don’t damage and knock against other items.
  • Involve children
  • Entrust children with special tasks such as packing toys, carrying pillows, and more.
  • Tasking your kids helps in setting up their new bedroom later.
  • Utilities at new property
  • Arranged all the utilities like water, power, and the internet in your new home.
  • This is an important task that lessens stress after the move.
  • Share the information
  • Inform the removalists about the obstacles while accessing your new property
  • Check with your real estate about accessing your new property including the parking area for the truck
  • Inform your neighbours about moving and about the restricted footpaths and driveways for a while
  • Change your address in all the accounts in Melbourne, Australia including the post
  • Pack a box for the night
  • Pack a box and label it to identify to use it at night
  • Stock it with your needs such as blankets, torches, water bottles, and more
  • Map your route
  • Choose a route with limited traffic
  • Avoid tolls and any road that has frequent accidents
  • Keep important documents safe
  • Keep important documents such as passports, birth certificates etc. with you and carry them while moving instead of handing them to the movers.

If all of the above tasks are taken care of before the removalists arrive, your relocation in or around Melbourne, Australia will be safe and easy.

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