Top 5 Perfect and Trending Tools Used By Web Development Companies

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Over time, websites have become an integral part of businesses. Read about Tools Used By Web Development Companies all the time.


Over time, websites have become an integral part of businesses. At the same time, a website should work well to keep their customers engaged. Thus, most people hire an experienced web development company in Kerala to develop the best website for their business.

Now, let us understand a bit more about web development tools used by the web development company in Ernakulam.

5 Web Development Tools

Web app development tools allow developers to work on faster development of websites without investing too much effort. Many web browsers have built-in tools to help developers, and at the same time, they can find additional add-ons in their plugin download centres. Here are a few latest web development tools suggested by the best web development company in Kerala to improve user experience and website performance. 

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Grunt is one of the most popular web development tools. It is primarily used to automate highly customizable tasks. Which means developers have provision to add, extend, and modify tasks to fit their personal needs. Each task comes with an option for configuration, and the user can set that. It is mainly used for processes such as compilation, modification, unit testing, etc. 

Moreover, Grunt is completely free and extremely easy to install. It reduces efforts from the developers’ end and keeps it more straightforward for them by combining multiple tasks into a single task. The tool also allows access to many predefined plugins that can be used to work with JavaScript tasks and on static content.

Chrome DevTools

It’s a set of web development tools built directly into Google’s Chrome. DevTools allows you to diagnose problems quickly and edit pages to build a better website. Whether the website is for small and large organizations, chrome DevTools is considered the best choice as you can make use of it without any cost. 

Apart from offering a variety of in-built tools for developers, chrome comes with the possibility to view and update the style of a web page and change the Document Object Model (DOM). With these tools, you can optimize the speed of the website and also check messages, debug, and run JavaScript codes in the console.


CodePen is one of the commonly used frontend tools for web development for small to larger organizations. It has various functionalities to design and share the frontend of web pages. The developers can create code snippets called “pens” and test them. Web developers widely use it to showcase their coding skills, as it is functioning as an online code editor and an open-source learning environment.

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As a popular web application development tool, it is considered the most mature, robust, stable, and reliable CSS extension language. Web development professionals in Ernakulam state that they commonly use Sass, because it permits the extension and use of the functionality of a site’s existing CSS such as inheritance, variables, functions, mixing, and nested rules. 

Sass is among the widely-used open-source Web Development tools that help in writing and building codes that you can easily maintain. Also reduces the need for CSS for your coding.


Most of the web developers suggest GitHub as the best web development tool, as it allows access control and collaboration features such as bug tracking, task management, integration and quality requests, etc. 

One of the major attractions of GitHub is that it offers essential services free of cost. GitHub platform permits you to manage numerous projects by helping you build several review processes for the code you have written. Besides, you can integrate it with the tools that you are already working with.

Why Hire a Web Development Company?

Skilled and experienced developers create a well-functioning and user-friendly website, and they make use of web development tools to test and debug their code. Web Developers are professionals engaged explicitly in designing and coding web pages as per the requirements of clients or organizations. They develop and maintain web applications with expertise. 

A web development company has a vital role in creating a faultless website that enhances user experience. So, what is web development? In simple terms, web development is the process of building and updating web pages that are uploaded over the internet. It uses several frontend and backend languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc., along with a few website development tools.

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With these efficient tools, developers find it easier to build a website according to customer requirements. Tools are enabling designers to walk out from the traditional website designing methods to work on an intelligent and brief webpage. Also, it helps to bring little newness to the way they work and upgrade their levels of functioning. Apart from this, web developers can twist and turn their website towards their customers’ needs in a cost-effective way. The right web developer will have access to these tools and can easily compete by expanding their website or apps as per the challenges or changes. Hope you love reading “Tools Used By Web Development Companies”

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