Top 3 Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Find A True Match In An Arranged Marriage

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In this era of love affairs, online dating, and live-in- relationships, arranged marriages still interest many people. Arranged marriage has been a part of our culture since the beginning. Many people opt for an arranged marriage by choice, while some have not been lucky when it comes to love, so they go for an arranged marriage. 

What happens if you go for the traditional way of marriage and still face difficulty finding the right match?

According to an astrologer in Canada, many astrological factors create hurdles in meeting your life partner. As normal people, you will not identify which factors are behind it. For that, you can reach out to apps like Astroyogi, where you can find the best astrologers all across the globe in a few clicks, anywhere, anytime. 

After consulting the top astrologer in Canada, here are 3 reasons which can make it challenging to find the right match.

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha is a common dosha that is considered one of the biggest hurdles in marriage. Planet Mars, when placed in a debilitated state, causes problems in marriage. It leads to discomfort, tension, and even separation. The unfavorable placement of planet Mars in each house affects the spouse or the person and the marriage. 

According to the astrologer in Canada, it is advised to marry a Manglik to a Manglik to nullify the doshas. There are apps like Astroyogi where you can create your Kundli for free and check whether you are Manglik or not. Once it is confirmed that you are Manglik, you can reach out to the best astrologers on this website and get a consultation.


Mahurat is the favorable time in the year, month, or week when one can start something new, organize a ritual, or plan a wedding for an auspicious result. Ever wondered why if you commence something new on any personal or professional front, at times it reaps good results, while on other occasions it simply does not. Instead, things get more complicated. It is because you did not consider a Muhurat or an auspicious time from an astrologer in Canada or any other part of the world. 


It is quite strange to see that even after years of being in a relationship; compatibility can go missing with time; on the other hand, some meet their life partner via an arranged marriage set up and yet have better compatibility. The reason behind this is that when you go for an arranged marriage, the astrologer will look at your birth chart and accordingly match your birth chart with the person you will be most compatible with. This enhances your chances for a blissful life and assures happiness in the relationship as the placement of planets will be such that you will be compatible with each other. But this can even go for a toss because sometimes, people are not compatible even after the Kundli match.

Life is unpredictable and so no one can know for certain what the future beholds. However, with the help of an astrologer consultation you can try to make the best of what your life has to offer!

Want to know more about marriage and Kundli? Speak to the astrologer in Toronto now.

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