Top Qualities of Product Owners

Safe agile product manager training is best for those who work with Scrum teams like business Analysts, Project Managers, Solution Architects, Process Managers, Portfolio Managers, PMOs, Infrastructure Managers, Projects Leads, Program Managers. 

Role of Product Owner and Managers 

The role of Product Owners and Product Managers is to develop and maintain a program or team backlog with features and user stories that will get planned in Program Increment Planning and executed in iterations by teams. Once it gets executed, the Project Managers and Product owners can review them in iteration reviews and system demos for further deployment. 

Topics covered during training

Safe agile product manager training helps attendees to develop the required skillsets for the delivery of value in a Lean enterprise by becoming SAFe Product Owner. We have covered These Topics during the training-

Safe agile product manager training focuses on the above-mentioned points, participants study through various case studies which facilitates them. Training also covers ‘how to develop features, enables and stories in backlogs, and how to refine them with estimation’ by using different techniques. 

Top-6 Qualities a good Product Owner should possess

  1. Emotional Intelligence – PO should interact with the development team, stakeholders, scrum master, and other employees in an organization. They should have detailed decisions regarding the product backlog. And what the development team should do to keep the stakeholders engaged and satisfied. 
  2. Entrepreneurial Mindset – Product Owner should possess an entrepreneurial mindset. One should evaluate the market condition and the viability of the features. The Product Owner is responsible for identifying opportunities and attaining new resources and using the existing ones to create value. 
  3. Collaboration – The most important role of the Product Owner requires to collaborate with the development team i.e. scrum master and stakeholders, just to ensure productively and frequent delivery of a working product. Scrum master guides and helps Product Owners to get better at their roles. If a Product Owner is not in constant collaboration then the owner might not be able to produce the desired results. 
  4. Stakeholder Management – The Product Owner is the sole person who is in a direct professional relationship with the stakeholders. By working together, the Product Owner understands the requirements of the stakeholders and creates the product backlog. 
  5. Product Vision – PO should understand the vision of the product i.e. why and how of the product. And stay in touch with the scrum master and stakeholders for the same. 
  6. Product Backlog Management – It’s the job of the Product Owner to manage the product backlog to frequently deliver working products. 


Safe agile product manager training helps participants across technical, non-technical, and leadership roles. By working together they optimize the value stream. By getting a safe agile product manager certification, they become certified and then it becomes the responsibility of the Product Owner for frequent iterative delivery of a working product to the stakeholders. A creative Product Owner applies innovative ideas to maximize the value of work performed by the development team. 

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