Top 4 Accessories for Your Work Truck

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Your work truck is more than a truck; it’s your home away from home while you’re moving between job sites. You’re using it to haul loads, store your tools and gear, and transport you and all that stuff to where the work is. Getting help from san jose heavy duty towing can make sure you will get out of trouble related to any vehicle instantly. Here are four essential accessories to help get all that done and more:

Bed Cover

Truck bed covers do just like the name suggests – they cover the back of your truck and protect the contents and the bed from dust, rain, snow, and even theft. But protection isn’t the only benefit of a bed cover; it also improves your aerodynamics and fuel economy, gives your vehicle a more polished look, and helps keep things clean. A solid tonneau-type cover can also add additional storage space by allowing you to secure additional items to the top. 

Ladder Rack

Are you carrying around a ladder? If so, you need a ladder rack that allows you to secure your ladder to the side of your truck. This protects your ladder, makes it easier to access and store the ladder, and frees up space in the bed of your truck for all your other essential gear.

Truck Rack

Truck racks are metal frames that attach to your truck and provide a sturdy frame you can use for extra storage. These racks provide a sturdy structure you can use for securing all types of items, even longboards, and pipes. Truck racks come in a wide range of configurations. You can find models that just go over the back window and the roof or models that span the entire length of the vehicle. 


Adding a toolbox to your truck is essential. Regardless of the type of gear you’re hauling around every day, a toolbox gives you a secure place to keep it all organized in one place so it’s easy to find and easy to access. A solid toolbox also adds security as it can be locked up tightly. 

A professional truck toolbox, full size or smaller, gives you a safe place to store your valuable tools. It protects them from rain, wind, dust, debris, and snow and keeps them out of sight and inaccessible to would-be thieves that are all too common at work sites. You can find a model that will fit your truck perfectly and free up valuable space for all the other stuff you’ve got to carry around. Outfit your work truck today with these invaluable accessories. 

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