Top 4 Advantages of Using Snack Boxes

Candy and sour snack lovers are always on the lookout for delicious snacks. 

And with the growth of online stores selling candies, customers can order snacks from the comfort of their homes.

The number of brands that are selling healthy snacks in Australia is gradually growing. Today, snack lovers have quite a big number of options at their fingertips.

But, what differentiates a quality brand from others is the way it packages its candies.

Gone are the days when customers would not pay attention to a candy box. Today, online customers notice every aspect of how a candy brand packs and sends candies to them.

This takes us to the importance of customizable candy boxes that give customers a branded unboxing experience.

The rest of this blog post will cover the benefits of using custom candy box packaging.

A Branded Unboxing Experience

The type of packaging used for delivering candies to customers’ doorsteps is the mailer box.

Custom mailer boxes are made from high-quality corrugated cardboard.

The good thing about these boxes from a branding and design perspective is the ample space they offer.

The broad top of these boxes offers ample space for printing your imaginative logo and tagline.

Also, the fun part is that the inside of the top flap of these boxes is also printed with branding elements. For example, you can print a personalized note for the subscriber customers or add an interesting brand story.

This way, snack lovers feel more connected and emotionally love your snack brand.

Superior Protection of Snacks

Mailer boxes for candies are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard which makes the box durable.

These boxes provide cushioning to the product inside. And this cushioning is made possible because the corrugated material has a lining. This lining consists of flutes of different thicknesses.

Such snack boxes keep snacks inside from splintering and losing texture.

Presentation Appeal

Apart from the durable nature of snack boxes, these boxes also look eye-catching and attractive.

With advanced printing techniques such as CMYK and four-color, these boxes can be printed in different colors.

The most popular color options for these boxes are yellow, red, orange, green, blue, and white. Apart from these color palettes, several other tints look superb on snack packaging.  

Moreover, to add more glam to the outlook of these boxes, finishing choices can be used.

The ideal finishing choices for these boxes are:

  • Gloss finishing. When snack boxes are full fledged coated in gloss, the whole texture looks shimmery. Also, this coating saves the packaging against sticking dust.
  • Aqueous coating. This type of finishing gives more of a super reflective look to the packaging, and it is the most popularly used coating.
  • UV Coating. Mailer snack packaging coated in UV finishing looks glamorous. Moreover, this coating keeps moisture from ruining the packaging.

A Convenient Snack Packaging

Snack boxes for candies are manufactured in the cherry lock style. The cool thing about this locking mechanism is that it makes it very convenient to access candies.

Moreover, cherry locks add to the protective nature of mailer snack packaging.

Concluding the Discussion

All the advantages we’ve discussed above show us the importance of snack boxes. These boxes help your snack brand to uplift brand identity and nurture a sense of brand likeability in customers.

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