What to do during a visit to Bellingham, Washington in 2020?

Bellingham is the northbound city in the neighbouring United States. Complete list of options to choose to decide what to do when you Visit Bellingham.


Bellingham is the northbound city in the neighboring United States. Bellingham city is located in the northwest corner of the Washington State alongside Bellingham Bay. It offers scenic ocean and hillside views, also some unique historic houses and buildings. It is close to Seattle-Tacoma and Vancouver. This is the list of best things to do in Bellingham.

Whatcom Falls Park

Whatcom Falls Park is an urban park  240-acre long on the eastern edge of Bellingham. This public space has modern park facilities, well-maintained hiking trails, and plenty of open space for exploration. This city park’s most eye-catching feature is the four waterfalls that meander from the Whatcom Creek stream around the area. This monument is a testament to the park’s more than one hundred years of history in the city.

Bellingham Railway Museum

The railway was an essential tool for the early colonization of the American West, and for many years, the train attracted children and adults. This Railway Museum in Bellingham is dedicated to preserving the history of American train travel and model trains. There are several miniature Lionel train exhibits in the museum.

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Leman Manor

Lairmont Manor (Lairmont Manor) has always been Bellingham’s landmark and meeting place for more than 100 years. City founder Charles X. Larrabee commissioned this magnificent Italian Renaissance mansion with 25 rooms. The architect from Seattle, Mr. Carl Gould, designed it. The house has held many musical, social, and political events throughout its history and even served as a nursing school and hospital. Today, Lairmont Manor (Lairmont Manor) has become a popular place for local weddings. Private events at home.

Fairhaven Historic District

In 1889, Fairhaven, the small town or village of Fairhaven, thrived through its port location and the booming logging industry. After more than two decades of rapid development, Fairhaven, together with three other towns in the area, formed what is today Bellingham. Many unique shopping and dining attractions have emerged, all of which add interest to visit Bellingham, and Allegiant Airlines Reservations makes it easier to happen.

Galbraith Mountain Biking Park

Galbraith Mountain is an iconic feature of Bellingham’s leisure and entertainment. Although outdoor activities and hiking trails encourage many activities, most people visit Mount Galbraith for mountain biking. Galbraith Mountain, maintained and operated by the Whatcom Mountain Bike Alliance (WMBC), offers more than 50 miles of modified mountain bike trails. The trails on Galbraith Mountain range from bustling and friendly to fast and frightening. 

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Rumi Island

Rumi Island is a vibrant community of artists of all types. Located in the Salish Sea, it can be reached by ferry from the continental United States and Canada. Tourists who come to Lummi Island find shops and galleries with photos, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, furniture, and more made by talented local craftsmen. The Willows Inn offers fine dining and comfortable accommodation. Sause Burger Stand and Beach Shop Cafe offer casual dining. Guests can also take a stroll on the island’s beach or enjoy relaxing spa treatments at the local spa.

Sehome Mountain Botanical Garden

The Seehom Mountain region of Bellingham has a long history. Many times, it has been a center of coal mining, logging, and education. Today, 100 acres of Sehome Hill has been reserved as a botanical garden and park. Visitors to this wooded reserve can admire the ancient rock formations and vertical rock walls of the old quarry or climb to the top of the bell tower for spectacular views of the entire reserve. Soft rocks and outdoor classrooms are great places to relax and meditate in a natural environment. The greenhouse is open from 6 am to dusk every day.

Bellingham Farmers Market

Bellingham Farmers’ Market is located in the heart of Warehouse Market Square and is held every Saturday from April to December. In these markets, more than 100 suppliers constitute local shopping opportunities. Many stalls feature fresh produce, homemade desserts, and local handicrafts. This lively public event is also accompanied by local live music. The third Saturday market is held throughout January, February and March. These winter markets are held in spacious indoor pavilions, and the ticket prices are similar. Bellingham Farmers’ Market also hosts special events throughout the year; visit here by making KLM Reservations and see all these fancies, including a spooky celebration and a monthly demo day.

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