Keep Your Walnut Kitchen Cabinets in The Best Condition – Essential Tips

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The kitchen is the heart of a home. It is important to keep the space neat and tidy. You must read about Walnut Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen is the heart of a home. This is the place where you might help your children do homework. You perhaps choose this place to chat with your friends as well. Therefore, it is important to keep the space neat and tidy. A kitchen in a spick and span condition will be your inspiration. 

Tips to keep walnut kitchen cabinets neat and clean 

 As it comes to adding new cabinets, walnut cabinets can be a good and classy choice. Though you need to spend time to keep the place clean, there is no rocket science in it. Here are some essential tips that would help you keep your cooking area sparkling clean. 

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  • Use mild cleaning agents – Walnut is a sensitive timber. It would help if you didn’t damage the sheen of walnut kitchens cabinets using any harsh cleaning agent. Abrasive detergents though they promise superior cleaning, damage the wood. Any average detergent or dishwashing soap is enough to clean the space and remove greasy stains. But if you want to use any commercial-grade product, choose one certified to be used over wood.
  • Daily care is important– In most cases, people avoid taking care of walnut cabinets. This is the reason the wood looks worn out quite fast. Some people just let the beautiful cabinets loose elegance. Still, they don’t take regular care. Even if you are a lazybones, it is recommended to take care of your cabinets. The moment you splatter or spill something on it, clean it promptly. Don’t let it sit for longer or let it dry. This will make them leave ugly spots and stains. Use a cotton soft rag to wipe the place. You may use a mild detergent for the same. 

Moisture is not good

  • Water and moisture are dangerous for your wooden cabinets. If your cabinet is made from walnut or any other wood, beware of water and moisture. Don’t hang wet dishcloth on the cabinet. This can badly damage the cabinet. The damage can’t be reverted. Get rid of such a bad habit. If you clean the unit – be it walnut cabinets or white shaker cabinets, soap water, use a sponge or cotton cloth to soak the excess water. After soaking the water, again clean all the surfaces with another piece of dry cloth. As a matter of fact, no water should be left behind on the wooden piece. 
  • Cleaning the top is necessary – If you think regular cleaning of the cabinet top is unnecessary, you are wrong. If you spill any liquid or splatter oily chicken pieces on the top, they will accumulate grease and dust over time. Such accumulation will be an eyesore for you over time. Cleaning the top daily is not required. But cleaning the same regularly is important. First, you vacuum it and then use soap water for cleaning. 

As it comes to cleaning walnut kitchen cabinets, regular and diligent care is all it needs.  

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