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Is There Any Way To Track Kids’ Mobile? Introduction to TheOneSpy

The parents are growing concerns over the use of smartphones and digital networks by their kids. Read about the best Way To Track Kids Mobile.


The parents are growing concerns over the use of smartphones and digital networks by their kids. The evolution of the internet and digital networks has come a long way in the twenty-first century and continue making progress leaps and bounds. 

The problem with the kids using the internet is that, as reported, the kids using unsupervised internet are more prone to get harassed or bullied. 

On the other side, social media usage has gone wider in the last few years. The number of users has increased so as the number of unverified and fake users. These unverified users look to stalk the kids and try to identify their parents’ financial details to get unlawful financial benefits. 

To cope with this issue, the parents seek a solution that can prevent their kids from harming themselves. This problem can only be addressed by using an efficient Kids monitoring app. A spy app monitors all the activities performed by the target user over the cell phone. 

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There are many spying services available in the market, but TheOneSpy is the best of them, as suggested by many users. The app furnishes iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows spying facilities.

The app is efficient and effective in spying on the target device and addressing all the parents and employers’ spying needs in all aspects. 

TheOneSpy is serving its customers since 2011 and is highly complimented by the current users. The app is compatible with all the current versions of iOS and Android OS. 

Let’s have a look at the offerings of the app. 

TheOneSpy – Best Kids’ Tracker App

Geo-fencing the Movement of the Child

The kids’ movement can be restricted to the specific localities; if a parent finds some places as inappropriate for the kids, these can be marked as restricted zones for a visit by the child, and if the child gets into those localities, the parent gets an email notification. 

This feature helps restrict the kids from visiting the locations that are not perceived as ‘safe’ for the kids. This earns parents a real-time view of the activities of the child.

Blocking Specific Websites for Kids

The website blocking feature allows the parents to block a number of websites to visit by the child. These include websites containing inappropriate content or the websites having a tendency to trap kids for criminal or inappropriate activities like drug addiction etc. 

Tracking Internal Storage of the Phone

The internal storage tracking feature of TheOneSpy is above all. It earns the parent full access to the phone of the kids in all aspects. 

The parent in real-time can view all the images, videos, and documents. The parent can even decide to retain or remove the multimedia from the phone. Moreover, all the contacts, calendars, and appointments can be viewed in real-time. 

Browsing History Tracker

This feature of the app allows tracking all the browsing history of the phone. The browsing history earns a clear of the activities of the child over the phone. The browsing history, bookmarks, and other browser functions can be monitored extensively using the TheOneSpy app.

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Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls Recording and Listening

TheOneSpy allows the parent to monitor all the communication of the child through phone calls. All the phone calls made or received can be listened to in real-time by the parent. This provides an inside view of the child’s communication with the network. 

This feature can be used to cope with the potential issues of harassment or cyberbullying in which the criminals used to make repeated calls to annoy or harass the child. TheOneSpy goes an extra mile; the app even allows to block a specific contact found unsuitable or inappropriate for the child.

All the phone calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later monitoring. 

Password Identification through Keylogger

TheOneSpy was the first mover in presenting the keylogger feature. The feature is above and beyond. It allows the end-user to identify the passwords of all the applications installed on the target phone. Using this feature, all the kids’ activities can be monitored to know the pattern of communication. 

Monitoring All Social Networking Apps

Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Instagram, and Snapchat can be monitored for all communication through these apps. 

These apps can be tracked for all the group and individual chats, the multimedia shared over the apps can be stalked, and all the VoIP and video calls can be extensively monitored by using TheOneSpy.

The VoIP and video calls are listened to by the parent in real-time, and these calls can also be recorded and saved to the online web portal for later reference. 


The ways to track kids’ mobile are discussed, and using the spy app is found to be the best in spying on the kids. Among spyinTheOneSpy is the best spying service in all aspects to spy on kids’ activities and serves all the parents’ needs.

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