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What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services in DC offer organizations a way to supplement or eliminate their reliance on in-house IT staff. They typically require a contract or ongoing tech management agreement between an organization and an outside provider. Managed IT service providers are qualified in defined technology categories or managed IT service areas. These areas typically include all the technical support needed by an office, including data, voice, video networks; servers; and PCs. Additionally, most managed IT service providers offer professional monitoring and backup services to ensure everything is up and running at all times.

How Are Managed IT Services Delivered?

Managed IT services are delivered through a single point of contact or a proprietary team model. A single point of contact is typically where the provider performs all aspects of service delivery, including sales, project management, and on-site support. On the other hand, a proprietary team model involves several providers sharing their resources so they can offer better value to clients.

Who Uses Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services appeal to many different types of organizations because they are cost-effective and offer a wealth of technical support options. Some industries that typically use managed IT services include:

Managed IT Service Benefits

Managed IT services have so many benefits that it’s often hard to know where to begin. However, some of the most important benefits include:

Improved system performance

When a managed IT services provider takes on the responsibility of managing an office’s tech support; they can monitor services more closely than a typical internal IT department. In addition, they can be more proactive and efficient in their efforts; This means that organizations with managed IT services providers have a higher uptime, which translates into fewer lost employee productivity hours and less end-user frustration.


While most businesses would prefer an in-house IT team, the truth is that these professionals are incredibly hard to find. Moreover, even when a company does come across a suitable candidate, there’s typically little time for training. Managed IT services take care of this issue by providing the same level of service offered by a qualified professional without the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Considerations for Managed IT Services Providers

Managed IT services providers must carefully evaluate their clients to ensure they get the most value out of their contracts. Some of the most important considerations are:

Customer Service

A managed IT services contract is a long-term commitment, so a provider must work with a client that takes that commitment seriously. A large business tends to be less likely to make significant changes during this time frame, which means there’s a greater chance that the provider’s service will be satisfactory.

Access to Data

Many businesses that use managed IT services are also subject to regulatory compliance. Access can be essential in cases where the data comes under government or third-party control. This is particularly true regarding data in the cloud, where many companies want to ensure their employees aren’t using illegal content. However, access can be difficult if a provider isn’t willing to work closely with regulators to assist in the protection of data.


Managed IT services have the potential to be a great asset for clients. When executed correctly, these services provide businesses with a reliable, stable IT team that can focus on providing them with the tech support they need to run their operations. Whether it’s a small startup or an established organization, managed IT services can meet your tech needs and then some.

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