What are the Signs Your Computer Has Been Hacked?

There are different ways of checking if your PC has been hacked. If you have a computer, tablet, or laptop, always ensure you install an antivirus or firewall to protect it from hackers.

When you install antivirus and update all Realtek drivers, you limit the risk of hackers attacking your computer. Here are the four ways to tell if your device is hacked and how to fight back.

1 – Antivirus Warnings 

When you notice pop-up windows warnings about malware and virus attacks, you want to ensure it comes from an authentic source. This message should come from the real antivirus software installed on your device; if not, you should not respond. Ideally, most antivirus messages on your computer screen prove your computer has been hacked.

When you notice a pop-up antivirus message on your screen, you should not click on it. Close your browser and run the antivirus software installed on your computer. You should also ensure your Realtek drivers are up to date to limit malware attacking your device.

2 – Unauthorized Email in your Inbox 

The main goal of most hackers is to affect as many computers as possible. You can achieve this by taking control of the email services and apps. Hackers usually send you infected email messages once they access your address book.

If you hear from your friends that they’ve received some spam email from your account, it is a sign your computer has been hacked. The remedy here is never to open suspicious emails in your inbox or spam folder.

3 – Unexpected Apps Running on your Computer 

Your computer cannot run without Realtek drivers and other programs. However, your computer may have more programs than you need.  

When you notice programs running background in your computer when you start it or see some suspicious programs on the notification tray or taskbar, it is more likely your computer has been affected by malware, or you have been hacked. Try uninstalling this malicious software from your device by running the antivirus software on your computer.

4 – Changes to the App and Service Access  

In most cases, app and service providers will send you a notification email when you change your password or settings. However, if you get an email notifying you of changes you haven’t made to your account that is a sign your account or computer has been hacked. Find out from your service provider if you still have access to the account.

Hackers will send you a fake email about password reset and account changes. When you click any links on the email, you provide personal information to the hackers who will use it to hack your accounts. Set a strong password and use two-factor authentication for all your bank and financial accounts.

Final Thoughts 

You can avoid malware attacks with the right Realtek drivers and a genuine antivirus installed on your computer. To keep your computer safe from hackers, always update your operating system, set strong passwords, and run antimalware software when you notice suspicious programs on your computer.

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