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What Can You Make With A Die Cutting Machine

Die cutting is a popular process manufacturers use to mass produce cut-out shapes. The technique involves using dies, which are metal shapes, words, alphabets, and patterns. Precision die cutting machines can be manual, digital, or industrial and use different materials, including rubber, gasket, and thin metals. The tool can also use vinyl, foam sheets, thin plastic, felt, leather, corkboards, chipboards, adhesives, sponge, and thin wood.

10 Things You Can Make Using A Die Cutting Machine

Die cutting machines produce various components for solar, appliance, automotive, medical, military, heavy truck, and consumer industries. Intended applications range from structural to clamping, straps, gaskets, housings, bumpers, squeegees, grommets, windows, and sealing systems. A die cutter can blank, broach, crease, cut, draw, emboss, engrave or perforate the material. Here are ten things you can make using precision die cutting machines:

1. Optical Lenses

You can use a die cutting machine to produce optical lenses from thin glass and plastic sheets. The tools use premium blades that can cut through any material with 100% precision. Die cutters are also efficient, making them perfect for mass production. They result in smooth, precise cuts and maximize the material to reduce wastage.

2. Clamps

Thin metal clamps are standard in car transmission systems, where they’re used to hold rubber tubes tightly in position. The malleable sheets are produced using die cutting tools that puncture holes in precise locations. Die cutters can also make plastic and rubber clamps used for different applications in the automotive, medical, and appliance industries.

3. Sealing Systems

O-rings, valves, gaskets, and end caps are products from the die cutting process. A die cutter can produce the precise seal dimension to fit any space and prevent leakage. Car sealing systems and other plastic and rubber seals are cut using special dies, resulting in premium quality parts without seams and weak points.

4. Cup Holders

A die-cutting machine can make cup holders from different materials, including paperboard, plastic, and molded pulp. Plastic is the most preferred material, but you can choose any options that suit your needs. The machine can produce cup holders of different designs and dimensions, used in cars, restaurants, and homes.

5. Support Clips

Die cutting machines can produce support clips for shelves, window and door framing, and other applications. Support clips are metal sheets, brackets, and formations made in unique angles to provide added structural support. They can be used to attach conduits to purlins or feature holes for threaded rods.

6. Gaskets

Sheet gaskets are mechanical seals that prevent leakage and fill spaces between mating surfaces. They are popular in car engines and motors and are usually made using rubber. Die cutters can produce the perfect gasket with punctured holes and the right thickness. Most gaskets are mass-produced using die cutting tools.

7. Grommets

Tiny grommets used to treat glue ears are produced using die cutting tools. The tubes often feature rubber, but you can find plastic models that use polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Grommets are also in shower curtains and electrical wires, and shoes. Die cutters can produce grommets for different industries and applications.

8. Motor Housing

You can use precision die cutting tools to produce motor housing of all types. The machine allows custom configurations, so you can create the perfect housing for any motor. Most housings feature rubber, which offers better shock absorbency and sealing. Die cutters can work with different types of rubber and plastic.

9. Squeegees

Die cutting machines can produce squeegees for window cleaning and exfoliation. Most squeegees used for glass and window cleaning have rubber blades. Printing squeegees are also made using die cutting tools. You can use dies with unique designs and add other elements to distinguish the squeegee from other brands.

10. Bumpers

Car bumpers bear different types of plastic and rubber materials. They are usually thin and feature specific cut-outs to leave space for light housing and other components. Die cutters are the ideal machines to mass-produce front and rare bumpers. Auto shops also use them to make custom bumpers for modified cars.

Other Items You Can Make with Precision Die Cutting Machines

You can use precision die cutting machines to make several other items, including data strips, end caps, tank straps, fences, and windows. The equipment comprises flat beds and blades that cut different materials to produce holes, patterns, shapes, and finishing elements. Most die-cutters work with rubber and plastic, but some special tools can cut through metal, glass, leather, and other materials. You can use them to produce components for various industries.

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