What is the difference between overhead and gantry cranes?

The similarities compared between the bridge cranes and gantry cranes are obvious. We should ask ourselves, “Why would I need to make a distinction?” because they are so comparable.

It’s a popular question and one that might save you a significant lot of time and cost.

You would be able to make better purchasing options for your organization if you grasped the distinctions among bridges cranes and gantry cranes. Therefore, you will gain confidence while also saving a lot of time.

Understanding the small differences between bridges cranes and gantry cranes can also help. However, you feel confident in front of your consumers.

What are the differences?

/as per the survey, bridge cranes and gantry cranes have many similarities, like comprehending their distinctions. That’s where you’ll both save or lose a lot of money.

The three most important distinctions that will have a direct impact on your company and purchasing choice are listed below.

1.     Mounting

The way these two cranes are fixed has been the clearest distinction between them.

Bridge cranes are located within the structure in which they work. However, this makes them suitable for warehouse-style industries that are frequently busy; therefore, every cubic meter important.

Gantry cranes are positioned on wheels or even on a track system. They’re simpler to deconstruct and transfer when they’re not attached to the rest of the building. Therefore, gantry cranes with wheels are very mobile. However, they may be transported inside and outside as required.

2.     Lifting Capacity

The advantage of having a large crane attached to the framework of your building is that you can easily move a few really heavy things. However, many bridge cranes are capable of lifting to 100 tonnes! That was a lot of information. Whenever it refers to lifting heavy objects, bridges cranes are the best.

Whenever it comes to raising, gantry cranes are less capable. These can still lift large loads, generally up to 15 tonnes. But that’s a long way from a certain bridges cranes’ 100-ton capacity.

3.     Cost

All of that heaving strength is not cheap, either. Therefore they can cost well over a hundred million dollars. If you are would like one of the more powerful ones.

Gantry cranes may cost as little as $2,000 and then go up after this. You’ll have a hard finding time of a right gantry crane that costs a hundred thousand because some bridges cranes do. Well! that is a major selling factor for gantry cranes and something. Therefore, you should be aware of if you’re considering buying a few of these cranes.

Which one do you need?

Already though, you should have a solid idea of how bridge cranes and gantry cranes vary and how they work together. You may still be unclear about what would best fit your requirements because there is so much information to take in.

Your lifting requirements, workplace attachment possibilities. The budget is just a few of the apparent considerations to evaluate.

Lifting Needs:

You’ll certainly want to use a bridge crane if you need to lift very heavy things that weigh more than 15 tonnes.

Suppose you would only have to lift items weighing less than 5 tonnes. Therefore, a lightweight gantry crane may be a better option.

Mounting Options:

The bridges crane is the preferable alternative if your workplace floor is full. You require all of the accessible floor space while also still requiring a crane.

Sometimes you want something that is portable or allows you to operate outside. Therefore, that is indeed the case; a gantry crane is the best option.


Finally, you must evaluate your financial situation.

A gantry crane may check a lot of boxes for business. But a very heavy-duty gantry crane may be more expensive than a small bridges crane with comparable lifting capacity.

Suppose entry-level bridges cranes are out of your price range. However, a gantry crane could be your only alternative.

The Best Suitable Item for You

A gantry crane differs from a bridges crane in a few ways. The basic concept is just the same. However, the operation is not. Gantry cranes feature a bridge that is maintained on the flooring by two a-frame strong steel legs.

Therefore, the legs are usually fitted with casters so that the crane may be moved around a structure. However, many gantry cranes employ a V-groove caster, or a tracker laid just on the floor to keep moving in a straight line. An overhead bridge crane is generally more costly than a gantry crane.


While now, you should have a strong understanding of the differences between a bridges crane and a gantry crane. As well as how they choose the right one for your company.

Before making a final selection, think about your lifting requirements, mounted alternatives, and Gantry Cranes manufacturer budget. Therefore, they are also the level of confidence you can transmit to your clients.

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