What Roulette Number Hits the Most?

It’s no surprise that so many people want to find out which number is hit most often in roulette. By choosing a number that comes up regularly, you could make the chances of winning far better. 

So, is there any way of working out which number you can expect to see win more often than others?

What Are the Basics?

According to Bovada roulette games, every roulette game has numbers from 1 through to 36. European games have a single zero, while American games have a double zero in addition to the single zero.

In theory, any of the numbers on the wheel has the same chance of coming up as any other. There is no rule or factor that makes us think that the ball favors one of the pockets more than any other. So why do so many people think that there are some numbers that win more often?

The gambler’s fallacy is a situation where we believe that a random event is more likely to happen based on previous random outcomes. In the case of roulette, this could mean that we see all the numbers come up in a session except 21 and decide to bet on this number. 

Based on the gambler’s fallacy, we know that there isn’t a greater chance of seeing 21 come up now than there is with any other number. While the outcome will be split equally over all of the different numbers, it can take thousands of spins for this pattern to form.

Why Is 17 So Popular?

If you look for information on the most popular number in roulette you’re sure to see the number 17 mentioned. There have been some famous examples of people winning with this number in the past, so how can we explain the apparent luckiness of the number 17?

Well, perhaps the answer comes from the fact that it’s the most commonly placed straight up bet in the game. This number sits in the middle of the betting area and some people go straight to it.

Studies suggest that we pick 17 more than any other number when asked to choose a random number. If more bets are made on 17, it seems safe to say that there will be more wins on it than on other numbers. 

There are some doubts over 17 as a lucky number, thanks in part to the famous story about Sean Connery winning with it three times in a row. This is something that is extremely unlikely to happen with any number and we’ll never really know what happened in the Italian casino where this is said to have occurred.

Is Number 7 a Lucky Number?

The number 7 is considered by many people to be a lucky number, at least in some cultures. This means that more people are likely to bet on it than other numbers, which increases the chance of it being involved in memorable wins.  

However, in other parts of the world other numbers are considered to be lucky. Asian gamblers may prefer to opt for the number 2 as they consider that it has a better chance of winning.

You probably haven’t heard of too many people winning on the number 13 at roulette. This is because they view it as being unlucky. Yet, there is nothing scientific to suggest that it has less chance of hitting than 17, 7, or any other number on the wheel.  

What Should You Do?

As we’ve seen, there is no reason to think that any number will win more than any other. Roulette is a simple game of chance, but you can still work out a strategy that suits you. 

Perhaps you’ll pick a single number that has special significance for you and stick to it. It’s then a question of luck whether it comes up soon enough to give you some winnings, or whether it remains elusive until you’ve wagered more than you could win on it.

An alternative approach would be to bet on an option that covers a selection of different numbers. There are many different bets in roulette that can be used in this way, such as red or black, odd or even, high or low and so on.

This means that you have a better chance of winning than if you were to choose a single number, but the returns are lower when you get it right. The truth is that the odds in roulette are so cleverly calculated that all of the main bets have exactly the same house edge. 

Roulette is an exciting game of chance where you can play your bets on the number of numbers that most appeal to you. While there is nothing to suggest that any number has a greater chance of winning than others, it can be interesting to choose a number that feels lucky and see what happens with it.  

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