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What To Research When Selecting An Animation Production Studio?

Animation studios produce versatile work as they work on many projects. In fact, according to Grand View Research, in 2020 the global 3D animation market was valued at USD 16.64 billion. It is a booming industry. 

 But different brands have different needs, target audiences and styles. Maybe the video on the website caught your eye but how do you know that the studio will work for you too? We have got you covered with our checklist. It will help you find the perfect animation studio in Sydney, Melbourne or any corner of the world. 

Do The Quality Check

A professional animation studio will have a stellar portfolio that will reflect the quality of its work. Looking at the portfolios of different studios will help you judge the work they have rendered and find the best fit. Check the quality of the animation, the visual appeal and whether there is a story. These are some factors that you need to consider and through the animation studio’s previous work check whether they will meet the demands of your brand or not. There are websites that will shortlist animation studios for you in Brisbane or Perth or wherever you are. 

Look For Testimonials 

Testimonials are the perfect sign for credibility. For instance, if you animation studio in Adelaide and you go through their reviews and ratings before closing the deal. It is imperative to be mindful of factors including completion rate, punctuality and the overall professional experience. 

You can always look up reviews online. However, in case of testimonials not being available, feel free to ask the companies. A reliable company will have no reason to avoid showing you their reviews and testimonials. 

Define Your Goals And Requirements

The more aware you are about the vision you have for the project, the better you will be able to brief the animation studio. As mentioned earlier, animations studios work across niches from explainer videos to corporate video production.

If you are looking for virtual reality production, think more in terms of the message you want to convey, the length that you would prefer, type of content and deadline. This will help you narrow down your options and also help the team come up with a strategy. The animation might look simple but a lot of work goes into the most basic of designs. So even if it is a five minutes video, it is advisable to set clear objectives and goals in front of the team. 

Decide Your Budget 

The most important factor to take into consideration while picking an animation studio is the cost. As a client, you are at an advantage because of the growing number of studios and competition. So you are likely to strike the deal at an affordable price. But it is important to be wary of rip-offs. Sometimes companies hire poor talent to save costs and this is why it is important to do your research through testimonials, portfolios and interviews.

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Be Mindful Of Animation Style

Remember that the graphics of the video should be aesthetically pleasing. Seek the style, colours and story which are in line with your brand, company or website. This kind of promotion creates stickiness within the brand. People can recognise a brand just based on their colour and so it is very important to stay consistent. 

Do Not Overlook Voiceover Quality

A criterion that people tend to miss is the voiceover quality. A professional speaker who is articulate, clear and can hold the attention of the audience should be the ideal candidate for voiceover. The voice of the artist should be able to express the right emotions. Not to forget, the accent plays a crucial role. For instance, an augmented reality production in Melbourne cannot have an American accent running in the background. In order to appeal to the Australian target audience, elocution should be done in a manner familiar to the target audience. 


Some people prefer to reach out to companies in the local areas first while others prefer larger companies of another region. This depends on the scale of your work as well. If your project is more detail-oriented, it is better to reach out to a professional local company. On the other hand, if you are looking for some high production video, you can contact a large scale company. There are animation studios in Canberra that can cater to your demands. 


When you are looking for the right animation studio, keep an eye out for how passionate people are. If they like what they do, they will create something amazing for you. It is not just about a big name or skills but also about the passion one has towards the craft. An unmotivated animator might take your task but they will not do justice to it. So make sure that the company you grant the responsibility for your video is also looking forward to it enthusiastically. 

Experience And Expertise 

With experience comes expertise as it is an important tool in honing one’s skills. One should not assume that more number projects translate into the expertise of video animation. However, backed by the right testimonials, reviews, team and portfolio, the studio makes a strong case. 


There are big animation studios that claim to produce high-quality videos for the clients but barely have the time to communicate with them. Communication is the key to understanding the vision of the client and grasping an understanding of their expectations. The company should be able to promptly respond to your queries and even include you in various stages of production. It is important that you remain an active member in the creation of a video meant to promote your business.  

In conclusion

An animation studio will be able to bring your vision into reality. It will be mindful of brand standards and include you in different stages of video production.  A high-production video can also help you top the charts of Google search engines. Remember, the more people reach your video, the stronger the chances of your business growth.

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