Wheel Chocks: Ensuring optimum safety

Most accidents are caused due to vehicles on roads and the numbers \only seem to be increasing with each passing year. This is indeed a matter of concern that the government and the public have to realize. Adequate measures have been implemented in the form of warning signs, placards, posts, etc. The public in general has to heed such warnings to ensure accidents are kept to the minimum as much as possible and safety increased manifolds. This appropriate mining safety equipment will be desired like Wheel Chocks.

What is it?

They are considered to be a wedge made from sturdy material like rubber or polyurethane. It is placed against the tyre to avoid accidental movement when the vehicle not in use. Such chocks are found to be vital especially in mining environments especially with conveyors, milling machines and haulers operating constantly in diverse directions. Thus workers are always at risk and hence, needs to be safeguarded from unfortunate accidents and incidents. 

Significance of knowing chock procedures

They are stated to be effective safety devices that are to be used properly to optimize its benefits. But the fact is that the Car Stopper is not that straightforward like it might appear to be. Numerous key aspects are found about appropriate chocking that might not be of use to every user. Hence, to ensure optimum safety for equipment and workers, the end user is required to determine considering the vehicle’s proper choking. This is especially under certain circumstances. Using a certain brand or model of vehicle of specific grade, it is not possible to test a chock pair. It is not possible to assume that chocks are likely to hold every time the same truck. 

There exist countless variables that should be considered while choosing appropriate chock meant for each application. At each location, it will be necessary to complete thorough testing to ensure the chocks meet specified requirements. Besides this, they also need constant visual inspection to identify chipping, cracks or other types of deterioration. If such issues are found, then it becomes essential to replace them at the earliest. But in general, they require very little or perhaps no maintenance. Purchasing the right Traffic Safety Supply will enable maximum protection to property and life. 

Know some variables

When proper chocking procedures are concerned, certain conditions are to be taken into consideration. If you feel confused, you can always contact the professionals at https://lightentraffic.com/.

  • Gross vehicle operation weight: Larger chocks will have to be used for heavier vehicles when compared to lighter vehicles. 
  • Wheel size: Smaller chocks will be necessary for smaller tire diameters and larger chocks for larger ones. 
  • Bias-Ply vs. Radial Tires: When compared to bias-ply tires, radial tires tend to deflect much more. It is this flexibility that allows the entire vehicle to move smoothly. Moreover, the tire can wrap around the chock, thereby reducing the latter’s effectiveness. 
  • Grade or Level of ground surface: It is necessary to position the chocks in diverse ways based on ground level. Also chocking configuration needs to be appropriate based upon surface grade to ensure appropriate chocking. 

Therefore, buying traffic safety products like chocking for wheels can enhance safety of workers and property.

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