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When to Stop Physical Therapy?


Of course, your rehabilitation will take longer if you have a severe ailment or a steadily worsening one. In this instance, you may only need to have Physical therapy two or three times before being sent home with an activity routine to help you prevent or manage future occurrences of your disease.

When you’re dealing with chronic pain or an injury, seeing a physical therapist is one of the most critical decisions. Physical therapy is vital because it may help you get rid of pain and injuries, allowing you to move and feel better. You must follow your physical therapist’s recommendations to obtain the most significant potential outcomes while going to any Physical therapy near me. However, some events may occur along the road that causes you to miss your physical therapy appointments. This article discusses when it’s OK to cease physical treatment.

When You Have Achieved Your Goals

The most apparent reason for stopping physical treatment is when you obtain your desired outcomes. Your physical therapist will usually propose a specific timetable for you to attend your Rehab centers in Plano. A soft tissue injury usually takes six weeks to recover. As a result, if you are injured, your therapist may advise you to attend physical therapy sessions until the conclusion of the six weeks. If you obtain your desired outcomes before the closing of the six weeks, you are free to stop. However, you should consult with your therapist before making this decision so that they can assess your health and ensure that halting therapy will not jeopardize your overall recovery.

When It’s Too Excruciating

Physical therapy should not be painful and is generally considered to be safe. However, it can be extremely uncomfortable and challenging because it may entail manipulating specific body areas that are most likely wounded or in chronic pain. Although there is a good reason for this, your therapist wants to help you heal; the pain can also be caused by your therapist being underqualified and touching places that should not be treated. If you believe that your physical therapist is not qualified to serve you, it may be time to terminate your treatment and seek treatment from another therapist.

When Physical Therapy Makes Things Worse

Physical treatment might sometimes make your problem worse. Tighter muscles, increased discomfort, and limited movement are possible side effects. Even though physical therapy is intended to address such disorders, it has the potential to exacerbate the symptoms. Your problem might be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Limitation in ROM

If your range of motion is deteriorating after multiple therapy sessions, it may be time to discontinue therapy and investigate choices. After the therapist tries to extend particular body portions without checking that they move freely, the range of motion is frequently restricted.

  • Incorporation of Complex Exercises and Movements at an Early Age

Physical therapy includes a lot of exercise and training. Some physical therapists will even prescribe activities for you to undertake at home. Even though exercise is supposed to heal you, it might worsen your illness. This occurs when the use of sophisticated workouts and motions is suggested. If your muscles are weak or perform the exercises wrong, you risk injuring yourself. In this circumstance, you must communicate with your therapist and inform them of your progress with the activities before things worsen.

  • The Source of Inflammation Isn’t Being Addressed

A trained and experienced physical therapist will begin by treating the underlying cause of your condition. If you are suffering pain and inflammation, Plano physical therapy center should first address the source of the problem before moving on to the next step. If your therapist does not treat the leading cause initially, you will not be able to gain long-term relief until the primary issue is resolved.

Although there is no set time to discontinue physical therapy, you should think about it when you’ve achieved your goals or when the therapy isn’t benefiting your condition. If you’ve been to therapy for the necessary amount of time and still haven’t seen any improvement in your injuries or discomfort, you should consult a doctor about your problem.

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