Where Can You Buy a Fanny Pack – Top Places With the Best Fanny Pack

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If the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘fanny pack’ is a fast tourist’s favorite item, then you need to rethink your beliefs about this special accessory. Fanny packs, also known as waist bags, belt bags or bum bags are having a massive resurgence and can be seen everywhere from universities to coffee shops, and even at formal events, fashion experts can’t get enough of them. If you would like to start rocking this simple, yet fabulous fashion piece but have no idea where to get it, you must read the options we have compiled for you in the following list with the top places to buy your bag. So, keep reading and find it out.

1. Kibou Bag

We selected a great functional bag that can really upgrade your overall look. Composed of vegan leather, you can find their bags in several colors. One cool feature is that it has a waterproof pocket, making it a good choice to take wet objects, you could for example use it at the pool and carry your bikini. This belt bag was originally intended to be worn by parents of toddlers on their journeys, however, many people can benefit from its use. The Kibou bag has usefuls slots that work for storing your essentials and having them with you anywhere you go.

2. Kwaleo 

Their casual Utility Unisex Black Waist Pack is a great choie for those people who are looking for a manly-looking bag. With a military-based design, this option will allow you to store quite a lot of things since it has a volume capacity of 14L, being a comfortable accessory that includes 2 zip pockets that let you separate and organize your belongings. Plus, it features an adjustable strap, so you can use it in your waist the same as in your shoulder. Overall, a suitable bag if you like simple models and big logos. 

3. Nordstrom

Adding a sophisticated spark to your outfit, this leather belt bag from Les Second brand will take your style one step further. If you love Italian quality, this adjustable bag will be a suitable choice for you, feeling very comfortable to use when searching your items thanks to the magnetic flap closure, plus it features several interior slots to keep everything perfectly organized.

4. Tote&Carry

If you are all about itsy bitsy purses, then their Black Apollo 1 Mini Fanny is the perfect option for you. Small bags have always been preferred for glamorous events and this is no exception, wearing this fancy black belt bag along with high heels and a beautiful jumpsuit can make you look much more elegant. Tote&Carry is our top one store since they offer a broad variety of fanny bags, from casual street-models with tiger patterns (ideal to hang out in town with your friends) to more sophisticated shapes and textures, you can be sure to find a shape that works for you, so check them out.

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