How to Transition to the Overnight Shift

For some reason, you might have to switch the shift you work at your job from the day shift to the overnight shift. That can be a tough thing to accomplish, but you can transition well with the right strategy. These are some tips for shifting your sleeping schedule and getting ready for the big change:

Start Improving Your Nutritional Habits

One thing you can do to get yourself in the mode to work the night shift is to begin improving your nutritional habits. You can do that by getting involved in drinking more water every day. Try to take the recommended eight glasses so that you never become hydrated when you have to work. You will also need to verify that you get enough essential vitamins like C, D, E, A, iron, calcium, and the like. Boost your food intake as well because you might not be able to eat late at night when you work. 

Slowly Change Your Bed Time

The next step toward the process should be slowly changing your bedtime. A good idea would be to start going to bed two hours earlier than usual until you get to the correct time that you’ll need to sleep to fulfill your shift well. For example, go to sleep tomorrow night at 8 pm if your usual time is 10 pm. Back it up two hours every night until you get to a time when you can fit eight hours in between your bedtime and the time you have to go to work. 

Darken Your Room

Another thing you will need to do is prepare your bedroom for the changes. People who work the overnight shift do their best when they darken their rooms during the day. You can shop for Premium Shades by Shadings to see if you can find some light-blocking shades. You can also use the old-school technique of putting aluminum foil over the windows to block out the sun. The goal is to have your room simulate or emulate the darkness of night so that your body doesn’t get confused. Many people struggle with getting enough sleep when they work the night shift because they can’t fall asleep. 

Block out Unnecessary Noise

Noise is another thing you will want to block out if you want to work the overnight shift successfully. You could do that by purchasing some earplugs or a sleeping headset. Look for these items online, and you will find some that will work for you eventually. Don’t be afraid to shop for them. You could also do some extra things like putting up some acoustic panels or something else to block out sound. You may need to do something like that if you live near a busy street or railroad tracks, for example. 

Those are a few processes you can go through to help yourself handle the transition from day shift to night shift. You should find a happy and peaceful place within a few weeks of starting the new routine and implementing these practices. 

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