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Why Electrolyte Powders Are A Healthier Option Than Soda?

Sodas might seem a handy option to keep you hydrated at the same time while soothing your tastebuds and providing you with an extra boost of energy. But it is not recommended to have soda frequently just because you are feeling dehydrated. 

Sodas are nothing but carbonated, sweet water. It contains a lot of sugar, along with caffeine. Sue to the caffeine, you feel energized. But at the same time, you are also intaking too many calories that are obviously dangerous for your health. 

When you are dehydrated, only drinking water might not help you to fill the gap of electrolytes and give you the energy that soda can. 

What Does Soda Provide?


Soda might be one of your favorite drinks and also help you stay hydrated, but they contain high amounts of sugar and often are also caffeinated. As they have really less nutritive value, sodas bring few health benefits, although they help you in staying hydrated. 

While drinking a can of soda might make you feel refreshed and give you added energy during those summer days, it can significantly increase your calorie intake. 

You can add electrolytes powder into your water and consume throughout the day. It will not only quench your thirst but provide you the electrolytes along with boosting your energy. 


We all are aware of the fact that we can always grab a soda can in order to get hydrated and meet the recommended 6 to 8 ounces glasses of fluids per day. 

Although water is considered the ideal source of hydration, sodas, which contain caffeine, might not be the best form of hydration as caffeine is a natural diuretic. But, as most soft drinks contain a lot of water, they balance the effects of caffeine.  

Caffeine: A Natural Pick-Me-Up

Some particular sodas, like colas, have caffeine. Although caffeine is considered safe for consumption only in moderate amounts, at the same time, there is no nutritional requirement for it. 

As caffeine stimulates your nervous system and brain, those drinks can act as a quick “pick me up” for those individuals who are feeling a little lethargic. 

Studies also state that caffeine does reduce tiredness, increases energy expenditure, lowers the feeling of exertion during physical activities along with enhancing motor, physical, and cognitive performance. 

As per health experts, you can have a maximum of 5 servings of caffeinated sodas in order to keep your caffeine intake at a safe level. Too much caffeine can bring side effects, such as jitteriness, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, frequent urination, and also trouble sleeping. 

Obviously, High Added Sugar

Often sodas contain high amounts of added sugars. As per health experts, when you are going through a diet that is high in sugar, you are exposed to an increased risk of obesity because added sugars always contribute to weight gain. 

The recommended limit of added sugar is around 6 to 9 teaspoons per day. At the same time, 12 ounces of soda can usually contain over 9 teaspoons of sugar. It means you are putting yourself over your daily limit of added sugars. 

Alternative Sweeteners

You will also find calorie-free or sugar-free soft drinks or sodas that use artificial sweeteners in place of usual sugar. Although it reduces the calorie content, at the same time, it might come with other health complications. 

As per Harvard University, all those non-nutritive sweeteners might alter how you taste foods, along with creating a desire for perpetually sweeter foods. Also, consuming large amounts of artificial sweeteners are considered dangerous, so best proceed with caution.  


We believe after going through this article; you have the proper idea about why electrolyte powders are healthier than soda. In this scenario, only drinking water is not going to help you as it contains simply no or very little amount of electrolytes. 

Here, you just need to add electrolyte powders to the water and mix it well and drink. Along with quenching your thirst, it will also help you to replenish the amount of electrolytes you have lost in your daily activity or exercise. And the best part is that it does not come with any health complications or side effects. 

Electrolyte powders are completely safe and also can be used to give children and older adults. Any queries or doubts? Reach us here anytime. We will be happy to help you. We will try to come up with a solution! 

Till then, consume electrolytes and stay hydrated.

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