Why Live in a Luxury Home?

We all know that features define luxury homes. So, what exactly goes under the “luxurious?” category? Here are a few:

Luxury Home Features

  • Large, open-concept living spaces m
  • Large square footage
  • Custom architecture and interior design
  • Open entranceway with center-piece chandelier
  • High-end construction materials, appliances, and fixtures
  • Latest electronic gadgets and control systems
  • Spa-like features in main suite and bathrooms
  • Movie theatre
  • Walk-in wine cabinet
  • All-inclusive security system
  • Indoor or outdoor swimming pool
  • Large backyard
  • Sport courts
  • Walled property
  • Gated property

Many luxury homes in Las Vegas are custom-built, meaning a hydraulic lift to fit more sports cars inside or perhaps an elevator garage in the driveway. It might be an ultra-luxurious chef’s kitchen with space to entertain or an indoor swimming pool complete with slides.

Odds are you know what you want out of your next purchase as a luxury home buyer. You have the opportunity to choose home features that fit you and your family’s lifestyle in a luxury house.

All-inclusive community amenities

New luxury community developments are usually built on the other side of the border of urban areas or outside the city limits to allow for an all-inclusive master plan without any spatial limitations on development.

In many instances, these houses and their respective communities exemplify luxury living to the max. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Public outdoor barbecue stove and pit
  • Lakes and pools swimming and other water activities
  • Verandahs and picnic tables
  • Central amenity area
  • Interconnected pathways and abundant green spaces
  • Beautifully landscaped public areas
  • One entrance and gated / walled borders with a security system
  • Full-time maintenance staff and 24/7 concierge or security staff

Luxury homes in an inner-city locale may miss out on things like access to a private lake. Contrarily, what they lack in “luxury” from a new developmental standpoint they make up for is being close enough to walk or bike to the downtown scene.

As the buyer, it is ultimately your choice of what aspects of the location of your luxury home are essential. Is it a serene, rural house with lots of acreage for an outdoor lifestyle? Or maybe you want a downtown condominium where getting to work in the morning takes just a few minutes of walking.

You get an exceptional location

A fantastic location almost always defines luxury homes and communities and could include any one or a combination of the following:

Suburb & Rural Estates

These houses offer spacious living amid serene settings with very few neighbors. They are the ultimate example of private luxury living away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Inner City Infills

Exclusive inner-city living only minutes from downtown provides quick-and-easy access to downtown and amenities.

Close Proximity to Amenities

Convenient access to amenities is the standard for luxury houses. Such is true for inner-city areas close to schools, parks, pathways, and rivers. The same goes for million-dollar condos in the city center.

Business Improvement Areas and Revitalization Zones make a full-fledged, walkable lifestyle possible in inner-city neighborhoods.


Why would you want to live in a luxury house? The answer is you get what you pay for when purchasing a luxury house. You get the luxurious features and beautiful location. You get peace, security, and top-of-the-line amenities. Choose to live in a luxury house today!

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