Best Free Email Without Phone Number Verification 

There might be times when you might feel to create email without phone number verification or without any extra security precautions, where you have to go through a hell of a lot of security checks. But, now you do not have to worry about anything like that now. As we have some amazing free to use email servicing platforms, that are easy to use and safe to use. And these platforms are the ones email that doesn’t require phone number. 

Just check out the following best free email services that allow you to use email without phone number:


This Switzerland based free emailing servicing platform allows you to mail without using a phone number. This is easy to use and maintains its security at an optimum level.

This platform is best if you are finding a free email station, with the best quality security. 

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  1. Tutanota

This Germany based free mailing service provides end to end encryption. But, the only drawback is that it only uses the Tutanota domain and it does not have any alliances. It also provides 1 GB of free storage.

  1. Yandex Mail 

Now, this free emailing service is similar to Google, it can be called Russian google, being developed in Russia and working like the google interface. It is well designed and can be used easily. Moreover, it has a 10GB free storage capacity.

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  1. Open Mail Box 

This service is best if you are looking for an email with ad-free usage, as it has minimal adds and can never interfere in between your work. 

  1. Mailinator 

This email platform is also free of verification and easy to use. But, it has some security concerns and also only allows you to receive the emails, you are not allowed to send mails. 

These free email services do not need an ophir verification code or any other security codes to access mails. Just make sure to use these maisl safely.

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