10 Best Smart AI Homework Help Tools in 2024

Many students face difficulties and pressure when it comes to completing their homework assignments. As the complexity of assignments increases with each grade level, students may find it challenging to tackle the tasks on their own. However, with the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool for students to enhance their learning experience and boost their grades.

AI homework help tools act as personal AI tutors, providing students with accurate and reliable assistance 24/7. These tools offer a wide range of benefits, including unmatched accuracy, personalized feedback, and the ability to streamline studying. In this article, we will present a comprehensive list of the 10 best AI homework help tools for efficient learning.

1. HIX Tutor – Best AI Homework Help Tool Overall

HIX Tutor claims the top spot on our list due to its exceptional accuracy rate of 98%. This powerful AI homework help tool offers quick and precise assistance in various subjects such as math, physics, literature, chemistry, biology, and foreign languages. With step-by-step guidance, HIX Tutor helps bridge learning gaps and provides in-depth explanations, enabling students to understand the coursework and excel in exams. On average, students using HIX Tutor experience a grade increase of 10 to 15%.


  • Caters to high school and college students
  • Adapts to student learning styles with personalized feedback
  • Helps students develop problem-solving skills


  • Limited to web platforms
  • May face challenges with niche subjects

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2. ExamUp – Best AI Homework Help Tool for Studying for Tests

When preparing for an important exam, ExamUp serves as an exceptional AI homework tool. By utilizing the latest AI technology, ExamUp creates a personalized learning experience tailored to individual learning needs. Students can receive instant solutions to homework questions across all subjects or request help with specific topics. The tool breaks down answers in a clear and understandable manner, ensuring effective knowledge retention.


  • Tailored to individual learning needs
  • Provides real-time answers and support


  • Requires a paid subscription after the free trial
  • Cannot fully replace a classroom education

3. Genius Tutor – Best AI Homework Help Tool for All Grade Levels

Genius Tutor utilizes state-of-the-art GPT language models to assist students at all grade levels with their homework. This versatile AI homework helper covers a wide range of subjects, including math, biology, literature, and chemistry. From elementary school to college, Genius Tutor can provide comprehensive answers to homework assignments while adapting to the personal learning requirements of students.


  • Affordable and accessible to students
  • Fosters critical thinking and creativity
  • Helps students master complex subjects


  • Free trial may feel limiting to some users
  • Customization options are limited

4. HomeworkAI – Best AI Homework Help Tool for Boosting Your Grades

HomeworkAI acts as a personal AI homework tutor, offering real-time interactions and creating a supportive learning environment. This AI homework tool caters to different languages and is available whenever students need it most. With its high-accuracy answers, HomeworkAI streamlines the homework process, saving students valuable time.


  • Can be used for free without requiring a credit card
  • Provides comprehensive subject coverage
  • Streamlines the homework process for increased efficiency


  • Currently, no app is available for HomeworkAI
  • May struggle with unclear or illegible photo uploads

5. Question AI – Best AI Homework Help Tool for Multilingual Support

Language barriers should not hinder students’ ability to complete their homework effectively. Question AI is designed to overcome this challenge by providing comprehensive explanations in over 100 languages. This homework AI tool utilizes advanced AI algorithms to achieve a 98% accuracy rate and can assist with a wide range of subjects, from physics to world history.


  • Offers a clean and user-friendly interface
  • Uses advanced AI algorithms for high accuracy
  • Assists with brainstorming ideas


  • Dependent on internet connectivity for use
  • Limited personalization features

6. Mathful – Best AI Homework Help Tool for Covering All Branches of Math

Math is often considered one of the most challenging subjects for students. Mathful aims to simplify the learning process by providing high-level precision in generating math solutions. With coverage of all branches of math, including calculus, geometry, algebra, and statistics, Mathful proves to be a valuable aid for students across all grade levels.


  • Can help students understand a diverse range of math subjects
  • Free to try
  • Instantly formulates correct answers


  • Accuracy may diminish with overly complex problems
  • Solely focuses on solving math queries

7. SmartSolve – Best AI Homework Help Tool for High Accuracy

Powered by next-generation AI, SmartSolve stands out as the ultimate study tool, boasting a remarkable 98.97% accuracy rate. This AI homework helper offers three approaches to provide quick homework help: highlighting online questions, uploading images of homework problems, and integrating with various learning platforms. With a free trial of up to 4 days, SmartSolve caters to both students and teachers.


  • Offers a SmartSolve Chrome extension
  • Ensures anonymity when browsing websites
  • Assists with both homework help and teaching support


  • The paid subscription may be costly for some users
  • Requires signing up to try the tool
  • The interface might be overwhelming for some users

8. Brainly – Best AI Homework Help Tool for AI and Live Expert Help

Brainly differentiates itself by providing a platform where students, parents, and educators can seek study assistance from professionals and peers. In addition to AI homework help with step-by-step explanations, Brainly offers a collaborative community for exchanging knowledge. Any questions that cannot be answered using AI can be brought to the Brainly Community or entrusted to a live expert.


  • Supports Android, iPhone, and iPad
  • Free to join
  • Allows students to scan questions using their phones


  • Advanced features blocked by a paywall
  • Detailed answers are not always guaranteed
  • The free version provides a limited number of answers

9. TutorAI – Best AI Homework Help Tool for Personalized Learning

TutorAI stands out from other AI homework help tools by providing comprehensive information on general topics rather than direct answers to specific questions. This unique approach allows students to learn through a series of lessons generated by AI, tailored to their learning style. With TutorAI, students can track their progress and personalize their learning experience.


  • Provides detailed information on all subject matters
  • Allows students to personalize their learning based on their learning style
  • Enables users to track their progress


  • Personal preferences require a paid subscription
  • Only provides answers to general topics, not specific questions

10. StudyMonkey – Best AI Homework Help Tool for Detailed Explanations

StudyMonkey is an excellent choice for students looking to improve their understanding of homework subjects. This AI homework help tool provides answers to complex homework questions, assesses the accuracy of student work, and offers support in essay writing. With advanced options that allow users to select subjects, grade levels, and customize settings, StudyMonkey aims to deliver detailed explanations and accurate answers.


  • Provides homework assistance from first grade through university
  • Accepts typed questions, file uploads, and image recognition
  • Offers a free trial of 14 days


  • A paid subscription is required for unlimited answers
  • Currently, no app is available for Android or iPhone
  • AI-generated content may be influenced by biased sources


The emergence of AI homework help tools has revolutionized the way students approach their assignments and exams. Instead of wasting time and getting frustrated with complex problems, students can now rely on AI-powered tools to enhance their understanding of various subjects and confirm the accuracy of their answers. With the top-rated HIX Tutor leading the pack, students can tap into the power of AI to solve difficult homework problems and excel in their studies.

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