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Android Apps Which Are A Must Have

There are many android apps that you can download for your convenience. Choosing among the best is not an easy task.

The selection of the best apps depends primarily on your present requirements. It depends on what kind of function you perform on your mobile phone.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the most effective android apps that you must have on your mobile phone. So let’s start the discussion.

Advantages Reaped From Android App Development

There are approximately around 2.5billion mobile phones. These apps are highly developed to serve your purpose.

The app developers work day and night to serve the increasing demands and requirements. They are making these apps in bulk.

So, there must be some kind of advantages that drive them to build these apps. 

1. Stronger ROI

One of the key advantages of android app development is a higher return on investment. 

While developing the apps, the developer’s considers both manufacturing and distribution. Once the amount is paid, they can leverage any computer to test the product.

2. Faster Development 

With android apps, they are faster to develop, and the market cycle that is, from the manufacturing to the sales, is faster.

Reduced time to market provides one of the best benefits that the manufacturers can have.

3. Targeting Multiple Platforms

The android app uses Java as a programming language. With Java applied, it is easy to port multiple operating systems.

So quite naturally, it is highly advantageous. This is one of the main reasons why they are developing these apps rapidly.

4. Versatility And Scalability 

The operating system has scaled up in flexibility and adaptability with the arrival of Android studio.

The versatility of the platforms allows the builders to build dynamic applications serving multiple purposes. 

5. Cost-effective Platform

According to the app developers, android development nowadays has turned out to be easy and cost-effective.

The end devices that are required to develop the systems are less expensive. Therefore you have android phones with highly advanced apps at lower prices.

The Best Apps You Ought To Have

As mentioned above, there are tons of android apps, but in this article, we are going to develop the best android apps that are almost indispensable for your mobile.

It’s a crime not to have them on your mobile phones. Let’s have a look at them.

1. 1Weather 

1Wether stands as the best Android App, no doubt about it. Its a simple paginated design that shows the current weather updates of  around 12 weeks.

Along with it, you are going to get radar and some fun stats. Other than that, there are video elements with interesting projections. It comes in two versions, Free and $ 1.99.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is actually a  cloud-based solution that is available on Android. There, the users get 15GB for free permanently when they sign up.

What makes Google Drive special is the android app suite you have. The list includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Photos, and others.

3. Google Maps And Waze 

Searching for weekly weather updates on the weather? What is better than Google Maps? 

Besides weather updates, it also provides you with many interesting features. Google maps also provide you with interesting data like traffic updates. 

4. LastPass 

This is a highly effective application because it works as a password manager. It creates your credentials safe and secure. 

There are some other important functions that you are going to get from using the app. To top it all off, it has the capacity to generate nearly impossible passwords. 

It also has cross password support so that you can use it on your computer and tablets.

5. Podcast Addict 

Suppose you like listening to podcasts; this one is for you. Whatever podcast you could imagine, you could download them easily.

Apart from this, it has plenty of organizational features and plenty of playback and download features in a single cost-premium version. 


These podcast apps are highly effective for your mobile phone. Though they have distinctive features, they are undoubtedly the best in the class.

Therefore, if you think that you do not have these on your mobile phones, please ensure that you have them right now.

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