11 Things to Try When You’re High On Good Weed

A good weed, when used correctly, can stimulate our minds, allowing us to be more creative, see and hear things in new ways, and even increase the strength of our sensations. Trying something new, doing something you wouldn’t normally do, or taking the time to be attentive to the current moment are examples of how you may have some of your finest experiences while high. You should use your new senses and do at least some things on this list such as trying a muscle relaxer and weed.

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The strain of marijuana you’ve smoked may leave you feeling either hyped-up and motivated or lazy and sleepy, depending on your experience. Observe how you feel after smoking, and then choose what type of activity you want to participate in based on your observations. As we go through this post, we’ll get closer to the 11 things you should explore when high on marijuana.

#1: Get Creative

Choose a THC-dominant strain to release the genuine artist inside you. What thoughts occur when you put pencil to paper and allow yourself to be completely open? It will amaze you! You may also participate in drawing projects, in which you choose a prompt from the internet and then see what kind of creative side is sparked as a result of your choice. 

Painting is another creative skill that will unfold with some help from cannabis in the scene. When it comes to creative activities, painting might be a little more liberating since it allows you to go pretty abstract with your paints. Another excellent high-intensity exercise to do at home is writing. Writing poems, short fiction, or even simply journaling may be a fun and fulfilling experience. Accessing parts of your mind worth putting down on paper while you are high.

#2: Watch a Film

After smoking a joint, anything from a quirky cartoon movie to a severe emotional thriller to a funny comedy to an instructional documentary will be considerably more enjoyable. According to a survey done by Miner and Co. Studio, a media and marketing consultant in the United States, 86% of those surveyed said that cannabis improves their overall enjoyment of the shows they’re currently watching. 

When people consume cannabis, they disclose that their attention span is improved, which leads to them binge-watching more and trying out new shows and series. They also report that they are more engrossed in the show they’re watching and are more likely to let commercials play.

#3: Do Yoga or Workout.

It’s a good idea to practice yoga when you’re high since you’ll be more conscious of the places in your body that are tense, hurt, or need to be stretched. In yoga, the increased awareness of how your body feels allows for longer stretches that you would not have the patience for if you were sober.

Pain reduction is only one of the many benefits of doing yoga while under the influence of marijuana. The main ingredient THC in cannabis is an analgesic that works just like opiates do to help you feel better. Yoga instructors often turn to marijuana to help them relax and concentrate on their breathing. At the same time, they do various yoga poses.

Marijuana is also a popular alternative to yoga for people who have migraines or have been through chemotherapy. Cannabis also improves concentration, allowing for more advanced yoga positions and breathwork. If you’re looking for emotional stability without feeling too fuzzy, you can obtain precisely the right amount of THC from buds rather than concentrates.

#4: Get Lost in a Book

It’s one of the best feelings to get lost in a good book. It’s a great idea to sip on a cup of tea flavoured with a cannabis tincture while reading a book. However, your experience will be significantly influenced by the strain you choose. 

Sativa-dominant strains are the only ones that allow some people to read while high because of the cerebral effects that improve concentration. Sativas, on the other hand, may cause some people to get too agitated to concentrate on the text on a page.

The same may be said about Indicas for reading since they help you relax and focus on the text. The calming effects of Indicas may be too much for some people, and they’ll only want to nibble.

#5: Listen to Music

When it comes to listening to music, getting high may significantly improve the whole experience. It is believed that THC may enhance the way your brain responds to different stimuli, which is why dancing to the music when high is so much more enjoyable.

Because both music and cannabis stimulate the pleasure and reward systems in the brain, their connections become much more entwined than previously thought. According to research, increased dopamine release has been seen in cannabis with more significant quantities of CBD than THC. Such strains may help you think of cannabis as more pleasant because of the increased activity in the reward system.

#6: Sleep

Medical cannabis patients and recreational marijuana users utilize marijuana as a sleep aid, which is normal. Some people report that cannabis helps them sleep better. Chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and multiple sclerosis are just a few ailments that marijuana may assist with. It can help patients fall asleep quicker, wake up less often throughout the night, and generally have better sleep patterns.

Because of their interactions with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, cannabinoids have been shown to have sleep-inducing effects. Upon binding to these receptors, cannabinoids transmit signals that cause levels of sleep-promoting adenosine to rise and the arousal system to be suppressed in the brain. The combination of these effects may make you feel drowsy or asleep.

#7: Cook

When you’re stoned, you need to be skilled at cooking and using your cannabis. If you can’t manage your herbs, you have no reason to be in a room full of sharp knives and scorching hot surfaces. 

In most cases, it’s preferable to improve a regular meal rather than attempt to prepare something you’ve never done before with confidence. Meal preparation may be enjoyable when done well since slicing vegetables has a repetitive, meditative quality that soothes the mind.

#8: Eat Snacks

Like the connection between eggs and bacon, marijuana is associated with cravings. When it comes to marijuana, everyone who has even a passing familiarity with it is likely to believe that the plant drives you to quickly resort to food. The following foods are recommended for those who don’t mind having the munchies: pizza, ice cream, chips, Chocolate Cheeseburger, and more.

#9: Clean

If you have a long list of duties building up, you are well aware that the longer the list gets, the less likely you will complete it. Many individuals discover that while they’re high, they clean considerably better. If you can keep your attention, you’ll be able to get some serious cleaning done even if you get distracted. Moreover, since weed alters your concept of time, you will not feel as if you have been cleaning for hours.

#10: Play Games

THC has been demonstrated to increase in-game performance by enhancing attention and memory retention. This comes as a surprise, given that marijuana is often associated with worse cognition and memory. It’s a common belief that marijuana is the only substance that helps gamers work as a team.

If you’ve been under a lot of stress, a fast-paced game may not be the ideal choice for you. Immersive and explorative video games, on the other hand, are always a kick. Once you’re high, it’s the most exciting thing to get lost in competitive matches where you can move about and explore while still following the plotline. 

#11: Enjoy the World Around You.

Walks in the forests and trails in the mountains are great on their own, but when combined with THC, you have an excellent opportunity to connect with nature. While out on a stoned stroll or hike, you may take some time to think about your ideas and appreciate the scenery while feeling high. Prepare for your trip by ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to consume cannabis safely and responsibly.


It’s always important to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself when you are high, but you have to remember that what is fun for you and your friends might not be fun for everyone. The most significant takeaway from this article is that you should make the most of your experience and maximize the benefits that cannabis offers. As long as you have safe and legal access to cannabis, don’t avoid trying out new things. So, looking for a good weed to happily do the activities on your list? Visit here

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