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14 FAQ for Beginners About Go Language

There are many myths about the Go language (or Golang). It doesn’t mean it has some complexities that push new programmers away from this source. On the contrary, more and more developers benefit from Go’s opportunities in the IT industry. Read everything about FAQ for Beginners About Go Language below.

Many people like to learn something new, and the Go language is not an exception. For instance, students of computing science faculty ask for programming homework help to see examples on specific Go topics and learn to write code independently. In our article, you can see how we beat down many myths answering the most crucial questions about this newbie among other programming tools.

1. What advantages does Golang have?

Golang’s code is known for its fast execution and upload ability. It is easy to understand structure and simple to learn syntax. By getting into Go, students can easily run even the most complex functions.

2. How old is Golang?

Golang was invented almost 11 years ago and first appeared on November 10, 2009. These three Google members were the first who had shown its advantages to the world: Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson. 

3. What language is similar to Go?

Until Go includes all the best characteristics from different languages (Oberon Pascal, Modula), the C language is the closest to Go. Golang has more runtime for built-in concurrency and memory safety. Therefore, when it comes to interfacing with the general primitives that underlie operating systems, Golang makes code closer to the hardware requests. Best point as part of FAQ for Beginners About Go Language.

4. What are Golang’s main characteristics?

The Go is a multi-paradigm language that includes object-oriented, concurrent, imperative, and functional features. Also, it is essential to know that Golang is not for processing generic functions. Golang has structural typing and garbage collection. 

5. Where can I use Golang?

Golang is excellent for maintaining system software construction on multicore computers. You can build fast programs that lightweight machine systems and simplify many processes. Google uses this language to deploy all inside products, so you know why you need to learn Go if you want to work for this company. Get acquainted with Google App Engine to build any application easily for any business needs. 

6. What makes Golang a fast language?

Go accents more on concurrency rather than parallelism because Go applications may not be parallel by default. Only a processor or single core is used for a Go program, regardless of the goroutines running.

7. What is goroutines?

This is a special executing function that lets the system process the Go code faster. The most common word for these functions is “coroutines,” but the name was changed to suit Go’s title. The main goroutines purpose is to reduce the time for long-system calls.

8. Where can I find the Go programming style guide?

You can get acquainted with the Golang manual at documentation.help service. Get advice on style, documented libraries, and patches submitting to proceed with a significant change to the Go project. 

9. Why Go language was created? 

The hardware has many updates, and computers become faster each year. However, there are many possibilities to maintain system overload, Go works much more effectively with a vast amount of information. For instance, such popular cloud-storage services as Dropbox, Mega, or Google Drive should use dynamically typed language. And Go is the best for fast software development!

10. When should I change project language to Go?

If you need to rewrite some code for a service that demands expanded memory and speed, consider using Go. Migrate to Golang when you plan to use your service as a comprehensive commercial platform. When many users start visiting your website, you need to activate Go services to jump above software speed and memory restrictions. Important point as part of FAQ for Beginners About Go Language.

11. What are Golang’s disadvantages?

  • Long coding lines

To compile the Go code, programmers should work a little bit longer. If you are afraid of writing many lines for simple functions, Go might be challenging for you.

  • Too young to be stable

Go is a modern language that requires updated solutions. Still, there are not so many interfaces that are ready to process all Go’s implementations. It is hard to cope with current libraries and third-party platforms, so developers should design new tools to run Go’s code. 

  • Lack generic functions

To create some repeated functions with Go, programmers should write the same code over and over again. It brings much discomfort and leaves much to be desired. So, if you want to choose the language that supports generic functions with the same name, you should reconsider such development tools as Python.

12. What companies are using Golang?

Such popular giants of worldwide business industries as Facebook, BBC, Apple, Google, New York Times, to name a few, use Go language to increase productivity organizing big data. It covers all companies’ needs to manage memory leakage and slow processing. 

13. What editor is best for Go?

Go programmers need to know the most effective place to write code in. This list of most popular editors will help you to choose the right one for Go’s possibilities:

Visual Studio Code workflow is suitable not only for Visual Basic but also for Go with a few extensions;

Sublime Text is the ultimate environment to place your Go code. Still, you need to download some plugins; 

Atom is a multipurpose text editor for collaborative work in real-time. The great thing about it is that it is suitable for Go.

14. How can I fix bugs in Go?

You can deploy print statements to debug a program or benefit from extensions for any coding workflow in Go. Find out how experts from GitHub cope with it and look what is wrong with the logic in your code. 


Simplify your approach to programming studies with Golang! Just look, how many benefits you would have increasing specific knowledge in this language. It doesn’t matter if you are a specialist in other languages, because by studying Go, you can always get a better understanding of your techniques to use in code. Run your programs better, faster, and bolder with Go!

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