3 Reasons Why Rolled Canvas Prints Are So Popular

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When the word canvas is mentioned in terms of art, people usually think of a print or original piece stretched over a wooden frame. However, canvas really only refers to the fabric that the artwork is on. While canvas prints and other pieces always look nice stretched over a wooden frame, many people also prefer rolled canvas without the frame.

Rolled canvas is just like a regular canvas work without a frame. In many cases, a rolled canvas print uses the same material, inks, and production methods. Canvas prints have become so popular because they work well with just about any format, size, or shape. Canvas material is also very durable and holds up well over time. As a result, rolled canvas prints have become a timeless wall decore option that can fit any style. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why rolled canvas prints have become so popular.

1. Flexibility

A rolled canvas print affords art enthusiasts, photographers, interior designers, and others the flexibility to display art or other pieces however they choose. If you are comfortable stretching your own prints, you can get a high-quality stretcher bar frame and complete your own DIY project. If you prefer to leave the canvas unstretched, you can frame it with a traditional wooden, metal, or acrylic frame just like you would any other print. Alternatively, you can hang it on a wall like it is for a unique look. You can print just about anything on canvas, from portraits and murals to photographs and even calendars. When you choose a rolled canvas print for your wall, you have the flexibility to customize decore however you would like.

2. Quality


Canvas has long been a popular choice for artists to display their work. Becoming popular in the 16th century during the Italian Renaissance, many Venetian painters preferred canvas because it was strong enough to be used for boat sails but also delicate enough to create quality art. Other advantages that led to the rise in the popularity of canvas were that art could be done in larger formats, it was lightweight, and it could be rolled up for easy transport. Today, many people still prefer canvas for those same reasons. However, with modern printing technology, canvas prints offer even more quality than in the past.

With a rolled canvas print, you can showcase your favorite picture, beautiful print, or other artwork on a high-quality product that will make any wall pop. High-resolution printing provides outstanding image clarity and vibrancy that will highlight all of the fine details of your piece. You can display any image with a quality canvas print, just like the Renaissance masters did in Italy during the 16th century.

3. Exceptional Price

If you have shopped around for framed artwork recently, you know that it can be expensive. Rolled canvas prints offer outstanding quality at an exceptional price. Unstretched canvas art prints are some of the most affordable canvas print products available on the market today. Given that a framer doesn’t have to stretch the artwork, rolled canvas prints are more affordable than many other types of framed artwork. Rolled canvas prints offer quality artwork at very affordable prices. In many cases, you can decorate your walls for half the cost of other artwork.

When you look around at historical art pieces, you can find canvas artwork pieces that have survived for hundreds of years. Canvas is a very durable material that will stand the test of time. Aside from durability, rolled canvas prints have become popular because of their flexibility, quality, and price. If you want to invest in high-quality customized artwork for your space, you might consider rolled canvas prints as a great option.

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