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3 Things to Expect When Hiring a Private Investigator

While there are many different reasons to consider hiring a private investigator, our expectations are somewhat consistent no matter what the job may entail. We want someone who is experienced, discreet, and operates with a high level of integrity. If you’re considering hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles, we’ve listed a few items here to add to your desired list of traits and qualifications to look for.

3 Things To Expect When Hiring a Private Investigator in Los Angeles

1. In-Person Meeting

There may be cases where meeting a potential private investigator in person is difficult, such as when you are in different states. Whenever possible, it is highly advisable that you meet with him or her in person as part of your hiring process. This is someone you will be communicating with on a frequent basis, concerning matters that may be highly confidential. It’s important that you trust your investigator’s professionalism, integrity, and discretion.

These traits will provide you with peace of mind, but are also crucial if your private investigator will testify in court. A good investigator should not only be good at compiling the information but also at presenting and explaining it with excellent communication skills and a high degree of credibility. Another tip is to meet with a private investigator at their office if he or she has one, for an additional read on organization and professionalism.

2. Verifiable Licensing Credentials

If you’re hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles, keep in mind that individuals need a California Private Investigator license to legally work for themselves. This is the case in many US states, so you’ll definitely want to verify a potential candidate’s licensing credentials during the hiring process. Check the name on the license as well as the expiration date, and verify that it was issued by the appropriate state agency.

If the person you’re considering has claimed membership in any relevant organization, such as the chamber of commerce, legal, or California law enforcement associations, be sure to check on those credentials as well. These contacts can certainly help a private investigator do his or her job at a high level, but more importantly, it provides you with an opportunity to validate their honesty.

3. Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Private investigation work often carries a certain amount of risk, so it’s important that the person you’re considering has adequate liability and other insurance coverage required for the job you need to be done. Without adequate insurance, you may be held liable if the investigator is injured or causes injury or property damage while performing the duties you contracted him or her for. Again, verify that all insurance documents are relevant and up to date.

As with anyone you might consider hiring to do a specific job, it’s best to have clear expectations and be thorough in assessing how a potential private investigator measures up. Examine all licenses and certifications to ensure both integrity and legal compliance, and combine this with your own personal instincts about each candidate. Pick someone you trust and someone with whom you will have no trouble communicating about potentially complex issues. 

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