5 Tips for Choosing the Best International Shipping Services

Did you know that nearly nine million Americans live abroad? As more people transition to remote work, they can live wherever they please, including in other countries.

Yet, planning a move to another country is a major task, and it requires the assistance of an international shipping company. So, you’ll want to choose one carefully that will get your belongings to your destination safely and in a timely fashion.

This post will share some tips for choosing the best international shipping services, so keep reading for pointers!

1. Helpful Customer Service

You most likely have no idea how to ship oversea, so you’ll need to work with a helpful shipping company that answers all of your questions during the consultation. Later, if an issue arises, you’ll have to deal with this same team of customer support representatives. So, be sure they’re friendly and get back to you quickly.

To find this out before contracting the shipping company, why not call them to learn more about their services? Whether they treat you kindly and how they answer your inquiries will reveal a lot about how they operate.

2. Assists You with Customs Laws and Regulations

Customs laws and international shipping regulations are a headache to learn. So, you’ll want to save yourself the trouble when shipping things internationally by working with a company that handles this step or walks you through it.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure they operate legally and with the proper licensing. So, if it’s an American company, ask if they are licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission.

3. Handles Your Items Individually

Every shipment is different, and you want the company to handle your items with care from the time they leave your possession until they arrive.

Let them know in advance if you’ll send fragile or perishable objects. And be sure to find out what precautions they take to keep these goods safe.

4. Fixed Delivery Times

Some types of international shipping services can give you an exact delivery date. Meanwhile, others wait for crates to fill up before leaving the port.

Although it can save you some money, you probably don’t want to spend weeks or months waiting for your belongings to get to your new home. So, do yourself a favor and work with a company that offers reliable shipping times.

5. Straightforward Quotes

If you most want to get the cheapest international shipping services possible, make sure the company you use allows you to get an instant quote online. Sometimes, even if you can submit the request online, it takes days or weeks to receive the final price.

So, be sure this is something the company offers if you want to compare prices or are on a tight deadline.

Only Trust the Best International Shipping Services!

Now you know how to choose an international shipping company! So, get to work and search for companies that ship to your desired destination. But don’t forget to bookmark this post first so you can refer to it throughout your quest for the best international shipping services! Conversely, you can hire shipping container Sydney if you plan to move Down Under.

Would you like to learn more helpful tips for your move or life in a new country? If so, be sure to read more of our posts!

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