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6 Various Physical Therapy Options

There are many types of physical therapy. Knowing which kind of physical therapy is best for you takes some trial and error, but you can find what works for you with some research and insight into the available physical therapy options. In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of six physical therapy options for you to consider for your own needs. Read on to learn more.

  1. Physical Therapy For Injuries

If you are not an athlete, but are experiencing injury, you can receive orthopedic physical therapy to assist in pain management and symptom reduction. When injuries heal, pain can remain because the muscle strength achieved in recovery is not consistently used. 

A plan will be made for your needs to address these concerns and symptoms. For example, if you struggle with lymphedema, you may be introduced to lymphedema products that can assist you with your physical therapy further.  

  1. Physical Therapy For Sports

Sports physical therapy is a therapeutic approach for athletes and those who lead very active lifestyles. In this kind of physical therapy, you will address common types of injuries commonly endured by athletes and active people, such as strains, concussions, and tender joints. Using a combination of stretching, hydrotherapy, and guided assistance, you can treat your injuries and become stronger. Your specific needs will be considered in the treatment plan you develop with your physical therapist

  1. Nervous System Physical Therapy

Injuries to the nervous system can influence the ease of movement in different body areas and can even interfere with speaking and breathing. Physical therapy is considered a supplemental treatment in situations like these. 

Persons dealing with nervous system-related and neurological challenges should work with a specialist to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. In physical therapy, these patients can work on improving life quality and reducing the need to depend on others to complete simple tasks that may be made difficult by their condition. 

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  1. Muscle and Nerve Physical Therapy 

With the right approach, electrotherapy can act as a preventative approach to prevent serious issues like blood clots and slowed wound healing. Using electrophysiological techniques, your provider can determine where your muscles and nervous complications are. 

From there, a treatment plan can be developed for the physical therapy approach as well as if any additional treatments are needed. Improved circulation and reduction in muscle spasms are potential benefits of introducing this physical therapy style. 

  1. Balance And Coordination Physical Therapy

If you are experiencing issues like sudden vertigo, you can work on establishing balance, reducing falls, and combating dizziness with vestibular rehabilitation physical therapy. You will also gain muscle strength and an increased sense of steadiness. 

It is essential to see your primary care doctor discuss any issues related to balance you may be experiencing. In some cases, additional treatment measures must be put in place for effective change and to rule out other underlying conditions. Physical therapy can aid in improving balance and coordination in the interim. 

  1. Physical Therapy For Heart Conditions

Various heart conditions can benefit from cardiovascular and pulmonary-focused physical therapy techniques. These physical therapy exercises target the circulatory system to increase the endurance of essential muscles in the body. By the time the patient has completed their treatment, they will likely be entirely self-reliant. 

The Bottom Line

There are many different physical therapy approaches that may act as the primary or secondary form of care needed to assist with an individual’s injury, pain, or condition. Consider the above types of physical therapy as you work to develop a plan that is specific to your needs with your healthcare provider. 

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