7 Day Quarantine Package in Hong Kong: A Guide for Hong Kong Professionals to Handling Quarantine

If you’re one of the unfortunate people that was confined in Hong Kong, you’re undoubtedly starting to become restless. However, don’t worry; we are here to assist. A 7-day quarantine bundle we’ve put together will help you get through your quarantine while maintaining your sanity.

This 7 Day quarantine package in Hong Kong professionals and contains everything from mental health advice to strategies for remaining productive while stranded at home. Therefore, this package is for you whether you’re seeking for strategies to deal with your isolation or techniques to maximize your time in quarantine.

What Does Hong Kong’s Home Quarantine Entail?

Hong Kong has instituted a 14-day home quarantine for all citizens returning from the Chinese mainland due to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, commonly known as Covid-19. This will aid in limiting the virus’s ability to spread throughout the neighborhood. So, what does this quarantine at home involve?

First, upon arriving in Hong Kong, any resident returning from the Chinese mainland is required to turn in a Health Declaration Form to the authorities. After that, they will have to get a health examination and give a sample of their throat to be tested. After completing these, they will be given a health monitoring form and a 14-day home quarantine notice. Residents are required to stay at home throughout the 14 days and refrain from going to work, school, or any public venues.

How Many Days Are Required for Covid Quarantine?

Public health experts are making a lot of effort to stop the Covid-19 epidemic from spreading over the world. Quarantine is one of their most vital weapons. In order to stop the disease from spreading, those who have been exposed to the virus are segregated from the general public.

But how long must the quarantine last? Officials in charge of public health are erring on the side of caution because there is still a lot that is unknown about Covid-19. At this time, a 14-day quarantine is advised. Although it might seem like a lengthy time, it is vital to prevent the virus from spreading further.

It is crucial to adhere to the quarantine requirements if you have been exposed to Covid-19. Spend 14 days at home and keep an eye on your health. Make sure to get in touch with a healthcare provider if you start to feel unwell. You can aid in halting the disease’s further spread by adhering to the quarantine rules.

What Is The Process In Hong Kong for Home Quarantine?

Hong Kong’s home quarantine procedure is not too complicated. The Department of Health will need to issue you a home quarantine permit first. You must fill out a health declaration form and submit it to the department after receiving this permit.

A list of authorized accommodations will be provided to you when your form has been processed. You must inform the department of your location after selecting your accommodations. After that, you will have to finish and submit a daily health check to the department.


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