7 Ways You Can Boost Your Sales

The goal of every business is simple: to increase sales and mitigate losses. The latter requires good analytics and infrastructure. The former task takes more of a human element. Connecting with consumers is the key to building a solid sales strategy. Here are seven ways to increase your sales. 

1. Keep Your Brand Distinctive and Differentiated

What sets your brand apart? Brand distinctiveness has one goal: to make sure that nobody mistakes your brand for another. Iconography, color, and product style are all drivers of distinctiveness. Nobody could mistake Pepsi for Coke or a random toy company for Mattel. Brand differentiation is a similar concept. Differentiation is what happens when a unique selling proposition (USP) is put into action. A USP can be any attribute that makes your product superior. That’s when your creativity has to shine. 

2. Use Multiple Research Strategies

Too many sellers base their strategies on erroneous information. Market research takes skill and tact. It also requires a broad approach. A research plan should incorporate qualitative and quantitative data. Bring customers together for focus groups and encourage lively but civil conversation on your websites. Quantitative data can be gleaned from demographic studies. Asking well-formulated survey questions is another way to get objective data. Whatever strategy teaches you about your customer’s demands is a winning one. 

3. Consider an Omnichannel Outreach Strategy

Good marketing requires effective cross-promotion. Traditional multichannel marketing tactics accomplish this by sending the same message through multiple channels. Omnichannel marketing tailors the experience to the customer by adapting the message to customer preferences. Advertising a promo code on several social media sites is a multichannel approach. Linking the customer who gets that code to instructional videos and personalized interest groups is omnichannel. Both are useful, but omnichannel marketing makes the whole experience more immersive. 

4. Expand Your Offerings

Niche marketing is lucrative, but so is taking golden opportunities for expansion. Through analyzing market data, you can learn about newly emerging customer preferences. When one of your offerings becomes popular, customers will naturally want improvements and evolutions of those products to keep happening. Spinoffs, add-ons, and related offerings that sync up with their general interests are good ideas. Don’t forget to make plans to expand distribution channels to keep up with demand. Expanding your offerings will also help generate buzz.

5. Partner With Influencers

Speaking of buzz, one quick way to engage with new customers in your industry is through partnering with social media influencers. Statista’s research placed the value of the Instagram influencer market alone at $13.8 billion. Influencers come with a ready-made audience of loyalists. If your goals line up with those of the influencer, you might subsidize related content in exchange for visibility. Make sure you partner only with high-quality influencers who accurately reflect your vision. Partnerships link the reputations of both entities!

6. Reward Brand Loyalty

Research consistently shows that the more profitable customers are repeat buyers. Your chance of converting a present customer is around 60% to 70%. For new customers, that number falls to between 5% and 20%. Reward loyalty with special offers and VIP programs. Early access to new services, free samples, and access to company events and perks are all favorites. It’s a crowded market. Shopping with your company should be a pleasant experience.

7. Offer Excellent Customer Service

The customer experience (CX) begins with customer service. A OnePoll survey found consistent patterns for customer service preferences. Customers preferred to speak with a live operator, yet the specific channel varied widely. The most popular options were phone operators and email, with live chat in third place. In other words, the human touch still matters. Consider giving your customers a range of convenient options for service. Whatever channel leaves them feeling valued and prioritized will keep them coming back. 

Connecting with customers is the best way to grab better sales revenues. Nurturing those relationships will keep a cynical market engaged with your brand and offerings. Consider these strategies when drawing up next quarter’s plans.


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