9 Tips for CISM Exam Success

Companies are getting advanced daily, and they are searching to get more and more advanced security managers for their company. Day by day the technologies are improving and so the threat also. Big brands are present in the market that doesn’t want to lose their precious data at any cost. In this case, the candidates who have qualified for the CISM have a golden opportunity to work in these giant companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, IBM India, and many more. At the current date, the companies are paying a considerable amount of money to the qualified employees of their company. 

According to CTN News In today’s date, the company’s main problem is getting unskilled and unqualified staff rather than getting problems by cybercrimes. This shortage of unable employees leads the company to a tremendous amount of loss to a certain extends. Hence, the demands of the expertise level of senior security officers have increased over time. Getting qualified by completing CISM gives you a boost of advantage in getting the desired job in your favorite company. Once you have been certified by CISM, you have experience and are full of skills in communicating with others. CISM certification stands out as compared to other similar certifications also. If you are wondering how to clear the CISM examinations, here are nine tips for CISM exam success like norstrat.

1. Read candidate guidelines– Every candidate of CISM gets a guideline published by the ISACA every year. This guideline gets updated every single year, and hence the candidates have to read the guidelines properly. The guideline book consists of every examination detail such as registering, deadline of registrations, number of examination questions, etc. If you think you can complete the CISM examination without reading this guideline.  

2. Think like a manager– CISM is a very management-focused certification. If you are thinking of completing it, you have to feel like you are in a managerial post of the company. Your every decision can affect the company’s resources and goodwill. One has to learn to make rational decisions and not for themselves but the whole company. You need to handle and answer every situation and question in a perfect and very professional manner. 

3. Take the right decisions– once you have started thinking like a manager, you have to make decisions like them. You have to complete each task which is provided to you in a very professional manner. You will begin with the exact amount of materials that are enough to meet the CISM examination. You have to utilize the resource that is provided to you in a very proper manner. 

4. Do practice– once you have completed your preparation, you can give the practice exams. Practice exams help you to get improve in your weak spots. It will guide you, and you can see how you are performing compared to how you have prepared. Once you give the practice exams, you will be more confident about the main exams. One can get an idea about what kind of question can come in the examination. 

5. Creating a plan– one should schedule their study plan for the CISM examination. If you make some plans regarding your preparation, it will help you during your examination. 

6. Get help from the experts– you can do self-study to qualify for your CISM examination, but getting expert support is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Try to find some coaching that provides you CISM coaching to help you during your further preparation. 

7. Join the study community– CISM candidates can quickly join the exam study community. ISACA sponsors it. The best thing about this is the registration is free, and here you can clear all of your doubts with the other students. 

8. Get prepared– After your tons of hard work, the day will finally arrive, deciding your future. Once you think that you are fully ready for your final examination, try to give as many practice tests as much as possible. It will help you during your primary investigation. 

9. Get relaxed– try to keep your mind as calm as possible during the examination. Being quiet can help you complete your investigation without any problem. You can put total concentration on your paper if your mind is relaxed. 


Clearing the CISM examination means that you are one step closer to your success. Many organizations are waiting for certified and skilled employees for them. By following the mention steps, one can quickly clear CISM. 

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