9 Tips on Selecting the Best Bulk CBD Suppliers

The CBD heatwave has produced a market that is predicted to reach new ($20 billion by 2024!) highs in the coming years in terms of new customers, products, and total dollars spent. And with such a large and growing market, many are wondering how they can get into the CBD industry themselves. Luckily, doing so no longer requires extensive investment in production and branding, as many CBD bulk suppliers provide high-quality services to all entrepreneurs. 

The use of bulk CBD suppliers allows companies of all stages and sizes access to high-quality cannabidiols products that customers already know and love. Using a bulk supplier is an easy and fast way to get into the CBD marketplace at minimal risk to the client.

If you’re looking to start a CBD business yourself, or just incorporate cannabidiol products into your existing range, using a bulk supplier will have many advantages. Finding a good CBD supplier means you must know what you’re looking for, however, which is why we have compiled the following nine tips to make the job easier. So, be sure to read on for the nine essential qualities anyone looking for a bulk CBD supplier should look for.

What Makes a Great Bulk Supplier? 

While there are many bulk CBD product providers, a good bulk supplier can still be harder to find than it should be. Services and support will vary widely from company to company, as will the quality and variety of products that are on offer. The following tips can be helpful to keep in mind when looking for a bulk CBD supplier:

Full-Service Operation

While there are bulk suppliers that offer simple fulfillment services, the best bulk suppliers will also be crucial sources of knowledge and expertise that their clients can draw on. Therefore, partnering with an experienced supplier with experience in branding and marketing high-quality products can be so important.

Top-Quality Product Assortment

If your bulk supplier can’t offer both a wide variety and large assortment of products and goods, then they may struggle in the ever-changing CBD landscape. And, of course, sheer variety won’t mean much if the CBD isn’t likewise top-notch. As this may be the sole source of product for most clients, product assortment should be top of mind. 

THC-Free Options

THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants, which is strictly regulated in CBD products. These regulations vary greatly from locality to locality, with some areas banning even trace amounts of THC in any product. For this reason alone, having THC-free options can be of the utmost importance.

Economic Pricing

Finding a quality bulk supplier is no doubt essential, but the CBD goods that they offer still need to be economically priced. Many starting out in the cannabidiol space fail to consider the impact that pricing will have on every aspect of their business. And it can be a tricky balance to strike between quality and price.

One tip to remember when dealing with bulk suppliers is that many will have minimum order requirements, often expressed in terms of dollars. Of course, those that can make larger orders will be rewarded by most suppliers with progressively generous discounts.

Verified Product Testing

How can you be sure that you are getting what you pay for? Trust in your bulk supplier is important, but even better is independent product testing for purity and composition. Most reputable bulk CBD suppliers will happily provide this information upon request. The very best bulk suppliers, such as Joy Organics, will provide such information for every batch they produce, and release results for all to see.

Responsive Organization

As a client of a bulk CBD supplier, you will want to look for an organization that is responsive on all levels. This means finding an outfit that can help you react to changes in the CBD market, consumer tastes, and any questions you may have. The best bulk suppliers will be as dedicated to your success as they are to their own.

There are several ways that you can test potential partners for responsiveness, one of the best ways is to ask questions. Ask what their best-selling products are currently and where they see the CBD market moving in the coming months and years. If you receive thorough answers to your questions—not just boiler-plate language about CBDs unlimited growth potential—you’ll know you may have a good potential partner.

Ability to Share Assets

Over time you may wish to dip your toe into the private label or white label CBD business, many of the best bulk providers will be able to offer such services with ease. If your existing bulk supplier can provide these services, this can be invaluable to existing clients, as they won’t need to spend the time and effort that it takes to start a new business association from scratch.

Shared Standards and Values

As your bulk supplier’s products will largely be your products in the eyes of your consumer, you will want to make sure that they line up with your own in terms of quality standards and values. This can mean finding a supplier who can provide organic or cruelty-free products or one that offers branding that agrees with your taste. This can be an underrated area for those looking to add ancillary value that finding the right partner can provide.

We’re Always Here to Help!

There you have it, nine factors that can make or break any search for a bulk CBD provider. Of course, with the information you’ve read above, finding the best CBD suppliers will be a relatively easy task. They will be organizations that focus on customer and client satisfaction, that also offer a wide variety of cannabidiol products at prices that make sense.

We hope you feel confident enough to start a search for a CBD bulk supplier yourself. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are always happy to help those new to the CBD space. As always, thank you for reading!

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