A Comprehensive Roundup of the 8 Best Pocket Tools for EDC

These are fifteen of the best additions you can make to your EDC kit, each with a different purpose depending on your daily routine. Function and flair collide with our favorite tools, handpicked by the experts. You can find most of this list in EDC multi tools personal collections. We’ve tested them against real-world apps, now it’s your turn.

1- Gerber Shard Keychain Pocket Tool

First, there is the airline safe tool that will turn your life upside down. You can use this multi-tool for Philips head screwdriver, wire stripper, miniature pry bar, bottle opener, lanyard hole and more. Small and lightweight, made of titanium or nitride, Gerber Shard is the perfect companion to store in your EDC bag. Best of all? It’s incredibly cheap to get one.

2- SE MT908 Functional Steel Survival Pocket Tool

Even looking at this is a journey, imagine having one. SE’s ultimate tool comes with a leatherette carrying case so you don’t have to rush or push yourself when you get your hands on your EDC kit. You get a key ring hole to hang it on your keys if you want, along with a ruler, directional anxiety key, knife blade, saw blade, screwdriver, four and two wrench positions, a wing wrench and the most important function of any EDC tool – a bottle opener. What good is a multi-tool if it can’t open a big, frosty one? This thing is credit card sized for easy storage, and definitely not airline safe.

3- 20 in 1 Stainless Steel Multi Tool Keychain

Jebester is about as epic as they come (and yes, it includes the quintessential bottle opener). Complete with a USB with 2.0 transfer speeds, lightning charger, and fits on your keyring. You can hold 2-8 keys in it, and the best part is that it eliminates key jingle which aggravates the problem when you are walking or turning a sharp bend in the car. Flexible and primarily for syncing data, music, and photos between devices, this epic stealth kit also includes a blade driver, Philips-head screwdriver, and it’s all heat-treated blackened steel. The ultimate all-in-one stealth EDC kit for the man on the go. If you need a gift for an EDC fanatic in your life, this might be the answer.

4- Nite Ize DoohicKey

Kudos for the pun. This stainless steel tool is incredibly inexpensive and offers many benefits. Tighten the screws, open a lid or open a box – the choice is yours. Nite Ize DoohicKey is a TSA-friendly, portable key that’s light enough to fit in your pocket without giving you extra resistance. Slip it on your keys, drop it in your EDC kit, and you’re out.

5- Griffin Pocket Multi Tool

Stainless steel, available in eight different designs/materials, and functional enough to earn a spot in your EDC kit. Fly domestically or internationally with this little Griffin tool without having to use the TSA. Grab bar, pointing tool, sturdy build – it’s all here, all you have to do is pop it from the cute picture above into your pocket.

6- Gerber Curve Multi-Tool

We love great products from Gerber, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Affordable and durable, this Curve Multi-Tool won’t fly with you on the plane, but it does come with an ergonomic shape to the handle. Add to that the smooth edges to reduce hand fatigue, the lock to hold the blade in place, and the multiple functions behind the screwdriver, carabiner clip and the like, and you have another winning EDC addition.

7- PocketMonkey174

Why the pocket monkey? In fact, there’s a monkey on… anything. What it lacks in a first impression, it makes up for in optimal function and excellent durability. This multi-tool fits easily into an unused card slot in your wallet and comes with multiple wrench and screwdriver functions, plus eight other functions. Lightweight (less than half an ounce) and a millimeter thick, you’ll have to try it to believe its durability; the pocket monkey does not disappoint. Don’t tell your friends you have a pocket monkey; eyebrows will be raised.

8- SOG MacV Multitool

SOG MacV Multitool looks exactly like something Batman would have. With its alluring skull shape, you get a myriad of functions that you wouldn’t expect at first glance. You get twelve tools in one, from a bottle opener (you knew I was going to include that) to a screwdriver, from a blade sharpener to a line cutter, and back again. It’s all there, the looks are epic, and the lifetime warranty is limited (and it’s affordable).

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