A Guide to the Best Property Management Software for Small Landlords

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Purchasing and renting a property to tenants is a fantastic way to earn passive income. With an estimated 48 million rental units in the United States, you’ll likely reach a point when multiple units are rented to tenants. Managing all your units alone is a tall task when managing other aspects of life.

Hiring a property manager is the natural response to property management challenges. It’s an investment that will eat away at your profits. Finding the best property management software for small landlords will streamline your processes.

The good news is that you’ve discovered the perfect property management guide to find the ideal software option for your needs. Continue reading to leverage real estate technology for your properties today!


Landlordy is a mobile application you can download on your smartphone or tablet to help you manage tenants and properties. The user interface is straightforward, though the range of features is lacking compared to other options.

This property management app’s primary function is to manage tenants’ payments. You’ll lose out on more advanced features, but it’s a fantastic option for individuals new to property management.

The software is free with limited features or $15 per month for advanced features. Determine if it fits within your budget when speaking with a software consultant.


Avail is another option packed with features designed to help you manage your properties. It includes a free plan to help you assess if it can take burdens off you. Avail includes a syndication feature to help you find new and reliable tenants for your open rental units.

You can also accept online rent payments through the Avail portal and screen potential tenants. The Plus plan provides the best balance and is available at $7 per unit per month. Work with Appfolio consulting to determine if Avail is an ideal fit for your needs.


If you’re seeking a mobile-friendly application for property management, RentRedi has your needs covered. It’s an app focused on communication and documentation. It’s ideal for small landlords who want to decrease unit vacancies.

The syndication feature allows you to post these open units on real estate sites to reach a broad audience. You’ll also enjoy tenant screening features and rent payment management. The property management app is also meant to streamline maintenance processes to keep your existing tenants happy.

An annual plan costs $9 monthly, making it an affordable option. You can also pay monthly for the service, which costs $20 per month. Consider RentRedi to make property management a breeze.

Find the Best Property Management Software for Small Landlords Today

The best property management software for small landlords is vital to keep up with vacancies and collect tenant rent payments. RentRedi is affordable and makes posting vacant units a walk in the park.

Landlordy is perfect for landlords who want property management software designed for a mobile device. Avail is a budget option that helps with tenant screening.

Finding the best real estate technology is crucial for managing your rental units. Explore our Technology page for more insightful guides and articles on technology today!

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