Steps to Consider While Creating Your Art Gallery Wall

No matter how many trends come into play for decorating the walls of your house, there is no match to the elegance that an art gallery wall can establish. If you have your share of love and dedication for acquiring the best art pieces, you can even plan on creating an art gallery wall.

When you do it with consideration, your wall will look graceful with your favorite paintings without you putting in too much effort.

Suppose you are fond of the famous Gladiator painting that has the popular movie character in it but is also in love with some other characters they played in different cinemas. In that case, you can bring in multiple wall art pieces of the same movie, and create a wall gallery out of it.

You aren’t limited to just a single character for establishing your art gallery wall. Instead, you can introduce multiple actors, movie characters, or creative pieces to form your gallery.

Choosing an art piece might seem easy, but making a wall art gallery might seem a bit complex for you. So, this article is your guide to help you with suggestions on what to consider for making your wall art gallery.

Why are Such Wall Art Galleries Considered a Popular Decor Trend?

You must know that such walls filled with art pieces representing a gallery tend to add an immersive and dramatic statement around the house. In simpler words, you will be adding a personal and visionary narrative to the property space by bringing together your favorite art pieces and displaying them all together in a symmetric placement.

It is a unique approach for you to blend your canvas art, paintings, photos, prints, and other such types of art pieces onto the wall, irrespective of what sizes or shapes they are. Considering you are fond of movies and have some favorite characters you love, collect the art pieces and create a perfect gallery wall with them.

Suppose you like the movie John Wick and the character of Keanu Reeves in it. In that case, you can collect multiple John Wick wall art pieces, especially of different movie scenes, and frame them in the proper order of their execution in the actual movie. Now, imagine creating a wall art gallery with those art pieces, which will remind you, as well as all John Wick lovers, of how brilliant the movie and acting were in it.

Just like that, you are open to choose your range of art collections and bring them to one single wall. May it be just about a single character or a lot of them, let people see your love for art. As you get to add such a vibrance to your property space by adding a perfect wall art gallery, it is one of the popular wall decor trends that will stay for longer.

What are the Steps to Consider for Making a Wall Art Gallery?

When you tend to create a good wall art gallery, it might seem like an approach for mixing multiple art pieces you have around the space. But that’s not it! You might have to plan a few things out before you can get along with creating your wall art gallery. Thus, the steps include:

1.    Collect Your Specific Art Pieces

The first and most important step for you is to collect the specific art pieces that you love or want to add as part of your home decor. Remember to bring in images, paintings, canvas art, or photos of different sizes or shapes, ensuring you have a mix of options to add to your gallery wall.

With such an approach, you can ensure you will be getting an efficient contrast for the entire wall and space.

2.    Measure the Space

You must measure the space that you must allocate for the art gallery! It depends on you to choose either a tight space or the entire wall. Your choice of it will depend on the overall size of your room and the number of wall art pieces you intend to hang.

For instance, if you want to combine your movie wall art with some creative and designer art options, such as Three Wise Monkeys wall art, you cannot choose a tighter space, as it would hamper the overall vibe of the entire gallery.

3.    Get Started with the Floor

Irrespective of whether you have chosen the entire wall or a tight space, start your quest of forming a gallery by laying out the art pieces on the floor right next to the select space where you want to hang them.

This way, you will be able to make some necessary arrangements as per your desire and create an appealing gallery wall for you, your family, and the guests to cherish. The ground rule is that your biggest piece of art should be placed at the center, following which you can plan the placement of other smaller pieces around it.

4.    Take a Picture of the Positioning

While your art pieces are positioned as per your desire and plans on the floor, take a picture for reference. It is necessary because, when you start to place the art pieces on the wall, this photo will act as a reference or recall point for how you are supposed to create the art gallery.

5.    Hang Your Art Pieces

Now that you have your markings ready over the wall, as per your composition, get along with hanging the art pieces. Irrespective of whether you are a cinematic gallery with John Wick, Gladiator, or Tombstone canvas artor using some famous paintings, start with the biggest one by placing it at the center.

Small art pieces can be fixed onto the wall using some adhesive, whereas bigger pieces will need mounting hardware. So, do get the required accessories to complete this step.

Parting Words

Wall art can reflect one’s personality. And when you create a whole gallery with them in your house, you will be defining your taste in life, may it be movies, fiction, colors, or anything else that you cherish.

This year, the trend of decorating walls is shifting towards the use of art pieces, most commonly of the movie characters. It is because not everyone has the budget to invest in antique or vintage paintings or art pieces, for which they settle for the characters they love to add an aesthetic vibe to the house interior.

Whether you are looking for famous Gladiator painting pieces or John Wick art collections, get them all, either at once or slowly over time. Ultimately, place them all over your decided gallery wall, creating the perfect ambiance.

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