A Guide To Understanding Sore Eyes: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Every single day, our eyes are exposed to a number of natural and man-made elements. We all know that eyes are one of the most sensitive and fragile part of the human body. The slightest element can cause massive discomfort to the human eye. 

Given that the eyes are completely exposed at every single time of the day (spectacles offer some kind of protection), it is important that you take care of them in the most careful manner. If you do not, you might end up experiencing a condition known as Sore Eyes. 

If you are wondering what you need to know about sore eyes, you have come to the right article. In this resource guide, we are going to look at major causes of sore eyes, symptoms, and treatment plans and options for individuals suffering from the same.

What are the Major Causes of Sore Eyes?

As you would imagine, the concept of sore eyes can be broken up into two major areas- non-serious ones and the ones that require you to get checked by an ophthalmologist. 

If you are witnessing sore eyes in a commonly occurring fashion, the following elements or causes are to be blamed- 

  1. Dust and other airborne pollutants that get in your eyes
  2. Exposure to pollen grains and other irritants
  3. Cigarette or hookah smoke that are usually flavoured
  4. Unsettled contact lenses that have moved from their location
  5. The eyes coming into contact with chlorine water in swimming pools
  6. Excessive rubbing using your hands and fingers over extended periods

All the above causes will cause discomfort and irritation for brief periods. Once you give it a rest, use some water to splash your eyes, you will start feeling better. 

Severe Sore Eyes, on the other hand, require medical intervention and arise because of the following factors- 

  1. Eye infections like conjunctivitis, blepharitis and other serious ailments
  2. The advent of a foreign object like a metal piece or a hazardous chemical
  3. The abrasion of the cornea following an accident to your eye
  4. Several types of allergies can lead to severely sore eyes that require medical inputs
  5. Excessive dehydration can also lead to sore eyes and should be checked out

If you feel that the sore eyes you are experiencing is a result of any of the five above-mentioned causes, you should get yourself tested by an ophthalmologist. 

Treatment Options and Plans for Sore Eyes

If you are facing discomfort as a result of sitting in front of your computer screen or binge watching tv shows, you can try to go for some good home-based remedies- 

  • Using a Cold Compress during multiple times of the day can take away the pain and swelling. You need to do this at least three times a day for five-to-ten-minute intervals for best results.
  • There are many eye sore remedies that state that using castor oil twice a day in the eyes can help in lessening irritation. However, make sure you are using castor oil from a reputed brand.
  • Aloe vera has also been suggested by some experts as a way to naturally reducing pain and inflammation around the eyes. Mix aloe vera with cold water and use cotton to dab the eyes.

However, in the event that the eye sore condition has arisen on the back of some serious injury, or the entry of a foreign object in your eyes, you need to check in with a medical professional as soon as possible. 

The soreness of the eyes can also be a result of some other medical condition. If you have sore eyes which is accompanied with fever, dizziness and vomiting, there might be something of concern that you should get checked. 

The Final Takeaway

Leading ophthalmologists point out that individuals need to invest in self-care as far as their eyes are concerned. They suggest not touching your eyes with your hands or fingers at all times. Along with this, sleeping adequately offers natural rest to the eyes. Additionally, you should also be following the 20-20-20 rule (taking a break from the computer every 20 minute, and staring at an object located 20 feet away for a period of 20 seconds).

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