Features and benefits of IDFC first  Millennia credit card

IDFC first Millennia credit card is a card designed for the millennial lifestyle. Since the card comes with  many reward points, low-interest rates, and excellent merchant discounts. Other than that, the card is a  lifetime free credit card. This blog can be helpful for shoppers who make frequent online purchases. It  may not be suitable for people who do not shop that often.  

This blog will help you find out the features and benefits of IDFC first Millennia credit card, IDFC first  millennia credit card fees, and the eligibility to apply for the card. 

 Features of IDFC first credit card

 Reward program: 

  • You can win 10* reward points on incremental spending above Rs.20000 per month and  spending done on your birthday. 
  • You can also earn 6* and 3* reward points on online and in-store spending, respectively, on  expenditures of up to Rs. 20000 per month.  
  • The first feature of the reward point is that you don’t have to worry about the expiration of your  reward points. The reward point on IDFC first Millennia credit card never expires.  
  • You can redeem the points by instantly paying for online and offline purchases. No redeeming  reward point fees are charged. You can redeem the points against amazing offers at  idfc first rewards.poshvine.com. 
  • 1 reward point equals 25 paise. 

Joining benefits: 

  • You can win a welcome voucher worth Rs.500 on spending Rs.15000 or more within 90 days of  card issuance.  
  • You can win Rs.500 5% cashback on the transaction value for your first EMI transaction within  90 days of the card issuance.  

Other privileges: 

  • You get 4 complimentary roadside assistance worth Rs.1399/.
  • Get a fuel surcharge waiver of 1%, at all fuel stations across India, on a maximum of up to 200  per month. 

No card lost liability: 

  • The cardholder also gets a personal accident cover of Rs.200000 and a lost card liability cover of  Rs.25000. 
  • Enjoy a 25% discount on movie tickets up to Rs.100. This scheme is valid only once every  month. 


  • The card provides the holder with a facility to convert all the transactions above Rs.2500 into  easy and convenient EMIs from the mobile app. 
  • You can also enjoy a convenient transfer of balances from your other bank to a credit card with  the IDFC balance transfer privilege.  

Fees and charges

Annual fees:  

  • The card charges zero annual charges. Thus, the card is a lifetime free card.  

Other fees:  

  • The card charges no over limit fee.  
  • The cardholder is not charged with any reward redemption fees.  

Late payment fees: 

  • The late payment fee is 15% of the total amount due. The fee is subject to a minimum of Rs.100  and a maximum of Rs.1000. 

Forex markup:  

  • The markup fees are at 3.5% for all international transactions.  

The eligibility to apply for IDFC first millennial credit card


  • The applicant must be aged above 21 years.

Credit history: 

  • The applicant’s credit history is one of the most important criteria to be considered before  issuing the card.  
  • Credit history is the record of the person’s past credit repayment history and timeliness of  payment. The applicant must have a good credit repayment history. He/she must not have any  default history or history of missing the deadlines. The credit score can range from 300 to 900.  A credit record of 750 and above is ideal for sanctioning a credit card.  

Income Eligibility: 

  • The applicant must have a minimum net monthly income of Rs.25000. An income below  Rs25000 is not a stable income. Thus, the card is not sanctioned beyond that.  

Residency of the applicant: 

  • The applicant must be an Indian resident and have a current and permanent residential address  within India. 

Summing Up: The IDFC first Millennia credit card is a desirable option for someone who makes a lot of online  purchases. It comes with cashback offers and other benefits. You can earn many reward points and  redeem them whenever you want. After reading this blog, you now know the features of the IDFC first credit card, the fees and  charge on the card and the eligibility to apply for the card. But, before applying for the card, you must  check and compare various other credit cards before making a credit card purchase.

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