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AI Scaling up Recruitment Process Outsourcing Industry

In few years, with the remarkable improvement in Algorithmic techniques, many organizations have started to use AI and Machine learning in their RPO. And many Recruitments Process Outsourcing Companies are leveraging the power of it. As per a recent study, the RPO industry is expected to grow by 10% in the coming years, and AI will be an essential part of it. Companies are turning to predictive analytic tools to gain speed and accuracy and to determine how to effectively allocate talent.

from choosing the best job match to finding a new job for an employee. AI has played an instrumental role in the recruitment process. Companies can now better allocate talent as they perform analysis on several factors like job matching, skill, personality, and much more. AI enables companies to remain productive by handling the work that needs to be done with speed and accuracy while focusing on other priorities. Stay tuned with this blog from the leading RPO company in India to learn how AI is completely changing the outsourcing industry.

Artificial intelligence is scaling up the recruitment process and changing the entire complexion of the outsourcing model, and recruiters can easily engage in the process of finding, attracting, and hiring the best talent. In the recruitment process, companies that have invested in AI have scored big dividends. ML and AI can now read and comprehend the best resumes, interview candidates, and reject the candidates with personalised notes—which is actually way better than human beings. The primary goal of AI in this very industry is to help in finding the right candidates and use advanced technologies such as AI to ensure that the chosen candidate has the right skillset and attitude that match the overall requirements of the clients. The AI will not simply be used to find the right candidate; it will also help the employer and employee get familiar with the working cultures of both parties. AI is fueling the recent waves of the hiring revolution by enabling the RPO industry to use it as an intelligent and consistent tool for talent acquisition. The most recent trend in the talent acquisition industry is the application of cognitive computing, machine learning, and natural language processing to augment the work of professionals. AI is indeed allowing HR professionals to move away from the burden of manual work and enhance business optimization.

Before you relocate and hire an RPO partner, consider the following four questions.

  1. What is really needed from a candidate to be successful in his role? Think carefully about what exactly is needed for a candidate to be successful. Could a candidate with four or five years of experience do the job? What about the college degree?
  1. Are the requirements in line with the compensation? It is preferable to conduct some research to determine whether your pay is competitive in the market. If competitors are providing 20% more pay for candidates with the same requirements as you, it could be worth loosening requirements to attract candidates and compete.
  1. Are the job requirements filtering out too much talent? It is very important to try and uncover whether the candidates are self-selecting out of the application process based on requirements. In certain areas where employment is so uncertain, you need to make sure that you can open up your positions to as many candidates as possible.
  1. Is your application process too long? Before you jump in and avail services from Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies, since you know candidates are applying for multiple positions, make sure you only collect the things that you require for screening.

Final Words

As we have said in many of our posts, the outsourcing industry has grown a lot over the last few decades. Now AI is moving ahead further. AI is already taking over the process and making the recruitment process more efficient. With the help of AI background checks, social media scraping, and many other tools, recruiters can now screen ten times more applicants in less time and at a much lower cost. And this is not all: AI will soon come to the aid of hiring managers and other higher-level professionals as well. In the near future, HR managers can expect significantly more AI functionality in the form of chatbots. These chatbots will take care of the communication with the candidates, scheduling interviews, making reminders, and keeping track of the progress. Who knows that there will be chatbots for job seekers as well?


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