Air Duct Sanitizing and Cleaning – 10 DIY Steps to Sanitize Ductwork

Complete Guide about important steps to follow for Air Duct Sanitizing and Cleaning. It’s always a good idea to hire someone professional to do this type of work.


One primary part of your HAVC system is the ductwork that runs throughout your entire home. Air duct cleaning plays a vital role in the health of all who reside, including pets. When the duct isn’t cleaned, they become a source of spreading germs, dust, and mold, directly affecting one’s health, causing various issues; hence its vital that one should opt air duct sanitizing one way or the other.

Apart from health issues, it becomes a source of dust in all your rooms, leading to extra chores. A thorough cleanup with all precautions ensures that your airflow and heating systems are operating effectively and efficiently. It’s understandable that certain smells stick to their place, and getting rid of them isn’t that easy as it seems. Air Duct sanitizing helps irradicate bacterial odors, moldy smell in rooms, and feel pleasant without any chemical fumes or other distasteful odors. 

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 Air Duct cleaning by HAVC experts might cost you a premium, and often one gets to clean the entire house as soon as they leave because of dust everywhere. Cleaning and sanitizing  HAVC systems isn’t a piece of cake. It requires focus and determination to get the job done the right way. If you are an enthusiastic cleaner and prefer DIYs, surely this DIY to clean ducts and to properly sanitize them are exclusively here for your rescue and is according to NADAC.

Tips and bits for you to follow for a fresh, clean environment with zero health hazards with the only limitation that one might not have a professional tool kit to operate like the experts. Nevertheless, here are the following steps one needs to know before DIY air duct sanitizing and duct cleaning. 

Step 1: Prep Yourself

First, Prepping yourself is an essential part of Air Duct Cleaning. While cleaning the mold, dust and debris might get inhaled, and tiny particles might get you an eye infection. So it’s crucial to wear a mask and safety goggles and a pair of hand gloves to protect yourself. Get yourself all the equipment needed for proper duct cleaning inside out for exclusive air duct sanitizing. When you choose Duct Kings Houston, you’re choosing a reliable partner for improving the air you breathe. Don’t compromise on your indoor air quality—try Duct Kings Houston today for a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Step 2: Check all Vents 

The second most important part is checking all vents in all rooms and making sure the only one is open. Everything else is covered with suitable material, preferably cardboard or paper towels. Cover each register with a paper towel, so while you’re cleaning, containments don’t fly out in your rooms. These steps help you clean efficiently as the ozone leaks back out of the air ducts loosening out the mold and debris, making it easy to clean.

Step 3: Check Furnace Filters 

Another critical point while cleaning the duct and sanitizing here is to check your old furnace filter is that in place or not as it could lead the dust and debris into the fan motor. It is letting the blower to heat up and throw dust particles in the air and all around. It is essential that air duct sanitizing should be done following the provided measures to ensure instant and effective sanitization. 

Step 4: Brushing the Dirt Away 

A typical house cleaning brush with soft to medium bristles with good muscle power scrapes away the stubborn dirt mixed with mold. And this step helps in scrapping down before the next stage of vacuuming the dust the out. It might seem not easy, but with a good scrubbing, an ideal cleaning point can be achieved, which cannot be done with just vacuuming the containments.

Step 5: Clean Air Supply Registers

Supply registers have dirt and debris too. Lift the supply registers and, depending on the amount of land and mold, scrub with a brush to eradicate stubborn dirt and then use a vacuum to suck all the dust away.

Step 6: Clean Air Return Registers

First of all, you will need to unscrew all the air return registers and clean the dirt on the outer surface using a brush or vacuum, depending on the debris. Here the only limitation of reaching deeper nook and cranny a long-handled brush is required to scrub down dirt and then sweep it out for instant air duct sanitizing.

Step 7: Using a Vacuum Cleaner

One thing that should always be in mind is that ducts are still cold and moist, letting mold grow again quickly. Therefore it must be removed with the help of a vacuum machine as thoroughly as possible. A simple home vacuum machine isn’t enough to clean the containments in the duct. Hence one should always get the heavy-duty vacuum machine that has the suction power enough to suck out all the debris completely from every nook and cranny 

Step 8: Run the Hose

 The next thing in line is to attach a hose to the ozone generator and let the hose run into the open vent. Make sure your AC is off at this point. Ozone works well in mild to cold temperatures. As soon as the generator us on, it will spray ozone into the duct via the hose. This procedure should be repeated for a couple of days to get rid of the mold completely. Make sure you don’t overuse the generator as being careful each time.

Step 9: Cleaning Up 

It’s finally the time to sweep out all the remaining dust that had scattered away earlier. It is crucial to keep on your mask at this point too, and onwards because there might still be a chance of mold mixed up with the dirt. Sweep as deep as you can help the air duct properly sanitize throughout all the vents, including the returning air duct. 

Step 10: Replace Furnace Filter 

Replacing the filter cuts down on the dust in your home, followed by clean air. A dirty filter restricts the fan’s airflow, which results in the blower motor getting hotter with every use and reducing lifespan. How regular one should change the filter depends on the location and your pets.

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