What are the Best Scholarships for Studying Abroad for Indian Students?

Studying Abroad for Indian People using these Scholarship programs is very beneficial. Some basic information is added for those who are interested.


Sometimes, a student thinks about scholarships or funding for their education. Yes, he must if he scores a good score in his examination. Yes, it is a challenge to grab a scholarship. But relax, there are many ways to make it happen. 

There are hundreds of scholarships for studying abroad and these include general scholarships and also advanced funding schemes for studies. Some scholarships are offered by Individual Universities while some are offered by the Government by the nation. Likewise, you can be offered scholarships from external funding organizations, non-profit enterprises. Searching manually about international scholarships can be a very mammoth task. But professional career advisors like Millennium  Consultants make it indeed possible to provide you with scholarship lists that have varying categories that cover different courses, different nations, different continents, and different genders. 

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

If you enroll for a degree in Erasmus Mundus university, you will become eligible to receive a full scholarship, living expenses, education fees, and much more covered under this scholarship. It lasts between one year or one and a half years. This program sends you to a minimum of two universities for participation. Professional career advisors can guide you in a good manner. 

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QS Leadership Scholarship

This is one of the most prestigious scholarships for students of postgraduate. This scholarship is worth the US $.10,000 and eligible students with accurate leadership and management qualities will be granted this scholarship. For more details, you can check on its official website. 

Also, the QS Undergraduate Scholarship is also available for undergraduate students worth the US $.10,000. Again, it includes tuition fees, living costs, and much more. 

Great Wall Program

If any student wishes to shift to China, the Great Wall Program is one of the exquisite programs totally funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education. You have to connect with the National Commission for UNESCO in your respected nation to apply for this particular scholarship. Moreover, if any Indian students who wish to connect with Chinese University for admission, study abroad consultants in India can surely help you to do so. 

Clarendon Scholarships at Oxford University

Each year, the Clarendon Scholarships fund grants approximately 140 or more scholarships to postgraduate students. This is arranged by the prestigious University of Oxford and this is ultimately granted on the basis of academic records by focusing all the subjects. The criteria and requirements are deep and precise and your professional career advisor can surely help you to get the details. 

Adelaide Scholarships International

One of the most prominent Australia’s University of Adelaide grants scholarships to international students who wish to pursue post-graduation in Australia. The duration of this scholarship is almost two years for post-graduation while three years for Ph.D. students. A student must hold Australian first-class and honorable degrees to receive this scholarship. 

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There are several nations like Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, the United States of America that have prestigious colleges and universities where you can study degrees and fulfil your dreams. Famous career counselling institutes in India like Millennium Consultants can help you tremendously to fulfil your dreams in foreign and get scholarships for further studies. We suggest users read this article on Textsheet alternatives. Textsheet was the most popular site to help students with all kinds of free stuff. But it is closed now, you will read all the best alternatives to it in this article.

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