Top 6 Open Source Frameworks You Can Use for eCommerce

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List of Best Open Source Frameworks for eCommerce which can help you build your own store online. Completely free, easy to use and already millions of people are getting full benefits of them.


To create your online store, you can use various platforms. Now, the problem is that some platforms are free and some are paid. The beginners can’t afford paid platforms to build online stores. They can use open source and free platforms to create online stores. These open-source platforms are completely free. You can easily manage and develop your online store on these platforms.

Before creating an online store on one of these open-source platforms, you should make sure that you will have more creative control over the design. It means that you can control things like hosting, plugins and themes on this store. Here, we will discuss the top open-source frameworks that you can use for eCommerce.

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It is a WordPress plugin and it is known as the best open-source platform to create an eCommerce website. You can easily install this plugin on your WordPress website. After installing this plugin, your website will automatically be turned into an eCommerce store. This open-source framework has lots of benefits for the businessmen. The businessmen can easily download and install this plugin.

In most of the cases, you don’t need to make enough changing on your website. It will connect your eCommerce website with all the major payment options. You can select one of them according to your requirements. It is also providing the best theme for the construction of your eCommerce website. By using this framework, you can also offer coupons and offers on your eCommerce website. It is also providing a fantastic support system to the users.


It is a free and open-source platform that is built for online stores. The downloads of this open-source platform are over 2.5 million. If you don’t have enough knowledge about coding, you should download its one-click install version. On the other hand, if you have enough knowledge about coding, source code version of this framework is the best choice for you. After downloading it, you can easily install it just with the help of a single click.

In this open-source framework, you will find all the options that will be helpful to you to create a fully functional online store. The users can manage various eCommerce stores from a single admin panel. It is offering thousands of prebuilt integrations. By utilizing these integrations, you can ensure the best design of your eCommerce store.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, X-Cart is also providing the best platform for the users to build eCommerce stores. More than 35,000 users have built eCommerce stores by using this framework. All of these eCommerce stores are growing rapidly. It is also known as one of the fastest open-source frameworks to build eCommerce stores. To provide the best experience to the users, it is offering lots of features.

This is also the best framework to run an enterprise eCommerce store. This online store is providing the facility to the users to integrate the most important shopping carts like PayPal and Sage. In its free version, you can also get their developer support. This framework is providing full control to the users to design their eCommerce stores. It is providing complete security to the users. Its reason is that it is PCI compliant.


If you are looking for the free and open-source framework to build an eCommerce store that is easy to maintain, osCommerce is the best choice for you. It is allowing the users to enhance the functionality of their eCommerce store by using their custom design feature. The osCommerce developers have created more than 7,000 extensions. By using these extensions, you can ensure the best design of your online store.

The interface of this open-source platform is relatively easy to use. It means that by using this platform, you can easily get up and run your eCommerce store. It is also allowing the users to customize their eCommerce stores by using their plenty of plugins. It is also offering a large support community to the users. The only downside of this platform is that it is an older framework. It doesn’t have as many features as newly frameworks.

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It is an open-source and PHP-based framework to develop eCommerce websites. It is providing the best user-experience to the users. The developers of this framework are constantly working on it. It means that they are introducing new features to build eCommerce stores on this tool. You can improve the design of your eCommerce store by utilizing its extensions. In most of the extensions, you will also get support. On the other hand, in some extensions, you will not get support from the developers.

If you want to use this framework on the web hosting platforms, you can install this framework just with the help of a single click. Its powerful store management features are helpful for the businessmen in various ways. The businessmen can get enough benefits in the ranking from their built-in SEO components. You can get support by contacting their free community.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:

This open-source Russian based company has been helping the businessmen to create eCommerce stores since 2005. This framework is providing two different eCommerce applications to the businessmen. As a businessman, if you want to use it as a shopping cart software, you should download ‘CS-Cart’. On the other hand, if you are looking for the enterprise-level eCommerce developer framework, you should download its ‘CS-Cart Multi-Vendor’.

This open-source framework has lots of benefits. It is offering a comprehensive market for the development of the eCommerce stores. It is a self-hosted framework. It means that you can download and install it on your server. To provide possible solutions to the problems of the users, they have shared documentation and video tutorials.

By watching these video tutorials, you can easily solve these problems. It is also prioritizing in online marketing. It means that it has lots of SEO and online promotion tools. If you are using this framework for the development of the eCommerce store, you don’t need to worry about the security of your online store. This framework is offering the best security features to the users.


We suggest everyone try any of these platforms and write their personal opinion below to add more platforms or remove them from this list. Share with everyone who might be interested to create an online store for any purpose.

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