Andres Baida – Mexican Actor and Model

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Andres Baida has achieved great success as an actor. He first made headlines after joining the cast of TV series Like la Leyenda in 2018.

He is also a professional model, having worked for Hollister Co, an Ohio-based retail brand dedicated to selling apparel for teens and young adults.

Andres Baida Net Worth

Andres Baida is an actor who has amassed an enormous fortune through acting. Reportedly worth over $1 Million, Andres earned his fortune through acting alone.

He began his acting career as a theatre artist before making his television debut with La Rosa de Guadalupe in 2008. Since then, he has made appearances on Los elegidos and Like la Legenda.

He is the sole child of his mother and has not disclosed any information regarding his father. As a Christian, he follows Christ’s teachings.

Baida enjoys traveling – having visited China and Italy. Additionally, he’s an animal enthusiast with an adorable pet cat named Compa. Additionally, Baida maintains a large social media following where he regularly shares lifestyle photos on social media.

Andres Baida Bio

Andres Baida is an accomplished Mexican actor and model. Additionally, he boasts an impressive social media following and is best-known for his role as Control Z on Netflix; additionally he has appeared in various TV series and movies.

Prior to becoming an actor as a profession, he worked in finance. After graduating from University of Texas at El Paso in the United States and enrolling at Center for Artistic Education Mexico City.

Erich Deyan made his acting debut with La rosa de Guadalupe as an extra, then quickly went on to star in several television series and movies such as Los elegidos and Like, la Leyenda.

He boasts a huge following on Instagram, where he posts lifestyle and behind-the-scenes images. Currently single, he continues his acting career while maintaining good relations with his mother Lily Baida.

Andres Baida Height

Andres Baida, an actor and model known for his roles on Like la Leyenda and Los elegidos as well as modeling work with Hollister Co, an apparel retailer for teens and young adults, enjoys having over 30,000 followers on his Instagram account where he posts lifestyle, modeling, and everyday photos.

Baida holds a degree in finance and worked in the financial sector before turning to acting. He has appeared in a variety of theatre plays, such as Tennessee Williams’ Spring Storm. Furthermore, he studied acting at Mexico City’s Centro de Educacion Artistica.

Baida was born on February 28 1995 in Cancun, Mexico and currently resides in El Paso, Texas, USA with his mother Lily Baida; however, the identity of his father remains unknown. Christian in faith with zodiac sign Pisces; Baida shares an especially close bond with Lily Baida.

Andres Baida Age

Andres Baida is an esteemed Mexican actor known for both acting and modeling. He has appeared in several TV series such as Like, la Leyenda and Control Z and models for Hollister Co. based out of New Albany Ohio – in his previous life before entering acting he worked in finance as well as theatre plays before enrolling at Mexico City’s Centro de Educacion Artistica for artistic training.

He first gained widespread acclaim through his role in Like, la leyenda on television before becoming a series regular on Los elegidos soap opera.

He is currently single. He previously dated actress Sara Maldonado; however, they split in 2020. It is not clear if they had any children together. He boasts an attractive physique with mesmerizing features including beautiful features in his face and eyes that catch one’s attention.

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