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Know about Business in Alaska

Alaska is the 49th state in the US. Alaska is the last frontier because it’s the last place in the US with great stretches of unsettled wilderness. It’s the largest of the 50 states, this state has both the northern and western points in the USA. It’s also the land of the midnight sun. It is more than twice the size of texas. The US purchased from Russia for $7.2 million. Alaska just kept producing oil and gas. 

Routes of sale:

 Alaska’s per capita income is among the highest, owing to expanded wealth being in control of natural gas and oil, and fishing.

Do you live in Alaska or are planning to start a business? So, if you considering buying a route for sale in Alaska here are my top picks  ;

  • Transport business
  • Carwash mobile business
  • Shipping
  • cesspool routes
  • medical waste disposal business

5 best businesses own in Alaska:

Frozen seafood business:

 With the greatest coastal plain in the US Alaska had some of the fastest-growing fishing activities. In the country, you outsource the fish in containers to some other states of the USA or even outside the country.

  • Must have a license issued by the department of fish and game.
  • Fishing license costs for residents are $60 and $200 for non-Alaska.
  • Salmon fishermen can earn up to $20,000 in 3 months. 
  • Must have a boat and payment is maximum $11,000 and permit payment $5000.

Photography business:

Alaska is home to some of the best wildlife and nature photography opportunities in the world. The business license fee for Alaska is $50. It almost cost $10,000 to plan a budgeting photography business. It’s the best place for photos. Wedding photography is the best option in Alaska because of the beautiful views.

And you can make a good amount from wedding photography. 

Oil and gas business:

If you have experience in the oil and gas industry. In Alaska, you have dozens of opportunities. It is almost profitable and risky.

Get licensed and regulations. The oil and gas industry paid $3.1 billion to the state. $2.1 billion to the state government and $449 billion to the local government. You should get a legal permit first and have training methods.

Travel agency:

Alaska can see over 2 million tourists visit in a year. Travel agencies are still a profitable industry in the USA. The typical cost of a new travel agency is from $1000 to $10,000. To increase sales package travel components into unique travel products and multi-day tours.

You run a travel agency online because the online business marketing scope is on a different level. You can offer tickets on a low budget because people do attract.

Shipping and Transportation:

Alaska’s geographical location demands shipping services. Shipping and logistics services keep Alaska alive. You can make a good amount by keeping Alaska businesses stocked with produce and supplies. It costs $9 for priority mail shipping $9 and $60 for express mail $60. Location is very important.

Overall it’s a huge setup.

You need a license and legal permit. 


when it comes to being your own boss in Alaska you can find many business ideas, also if you don’t have the budget to buy a business, bizroutes is a site that teaches you how to start your own route, and if you don’t work you can always become an affiliate partner for companies find ideas here

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