Bathroom renovation tips

Bathroom renovation tips

Before the renovation – you will find a lot of furniture options and sizes. For example, from the smallest 20 Inch Bathroom Vanity to a huge double sink 84 inch Bathroom Vanity. Just visit the nearest bathroom supply store and make your choice. If you live in New York, specialists from New Bathroom Style will help you.

Before you start the process – prepare the room for renovation.

Completely clean the floor, ceiling, and walls of the bathroom from old coatings and plaster – the surfaces should be even and smooth. Otherwise, the paint on the walls will cause lagging tiles and uneven tile joints.

In the bathroom, the floor level should be lower than in other rooms – so take care of the threshold at the entrance. To eliminate the possibility of flooding, equip an emergency drain connected to the sewer system. Then the floor will be laid at a slight slope.

Tips for finishing a turnkey bathroom

Assessing the service life of a bathroom and realizing that it’s time for a renovation, it’s worth thinking about saving resources. First, it is necessary to organize preparatory repair procedures, wash the room directly, clean the walls, ceiling, floor. Clear the accumulated costs of the service life of tiles and equipment (complete removal of paint, iron filings, removal of elements of floor plaster, glue, etc.). Otherwise, the new painting and glue will result in the coating not accepting them. They will not stick to the dirty surface. After that, organize a sufficient degree of ventilation function to ensure the desired humidity and temperature level in the room. If necessary, proceed with the repair installation of ventilation. The kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Loudoun County, VA helps you start your day right. Bath in comfort, do your business in style, and see your bathroom in a whole new light.

Ventilation in the bathroom

It can be either built-in serviceable ventilation or one of the many markets running fans. It is necessary to dismantle the bathtub sinks. In any case, are you going to replace these devices or not.

Dismantling tiles and plumbing

Next, you should eliminate the outdated finishing materials tiles. After completing the coating work, make sure that the ceiling, walls, floor are sufficiently clean and dry. It is also necessary to consider the system of electrical and other communications, pipe laying, in general, all technical support. The next step is the dismantling of tiled coatings, after which the removal and replacement of pipes are carried out. Such work depends on the deterioration of the house. Instead, depending on how old the house or apartment is, not only the pipes located in the bathroom are replaced, but also the head riser itself (when the bathroom is combined). Sometimes it is necessary to partially transfer repairs to other floors, or rather, change the water supply between feet; otherwise, worn pipes will leak, and in this regard, there will be a threat of repeated costs for new repairs. Let’s get back to electrical equipment.

Socket in the bathroom

Wiring is also subject to replacement, but after future electrical appliance placement is allocated. When working with electricity, it is necessary to turn it off throughout the house or apartment. It is essential to bring the required number of sockets switches and change wires. The following fundamental step will be leveling the floor, all walls, and ceiling. Depending on the surface condition, coatings, special mixtures, plaster, putty, or just laying tiles and applying decorations are used.

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