Best Arcane Weapons Elden Ring

ReduviaPlayer Wielding Reduvia In Right Hand

One of the best builds you can utilize in this game is Blood Loss. Due to the dagger’s high attack speed, a barrage of blows causes its lower build-up stat to swiftly add up. While increasing your arcane level won’t dramatically increase your weapon’s base damage, doing so more quickly will greatly increase your overall damage.

The special ability of this weapon is Reduvia Blood Blade, which fires blood blades a short distance in front of the caster, causing bleeding to accumulate and damage. You can battle outside of the melee range of most weapons thanks to these blood blades, which compensate for the dagger’s limited range.

Ripple Crescent Halberd

One of the few weapons that can be scaled up to an “S” level is the ripple crescent halberd. Despite not providing any additional status build-up, a strong arcane stat can make this weapon extremely potent.

The Spinning Slash feature of this weapon makes it ideal for dealing with groups of foes. One of the few arcane scaling weapons that can have affinities or buffs applied using consumables is this one as well.

Bloody Helice

Being a thrusting weapon, Bloody Helice can deal out a lot of damage swiftly. Additionally, the blood buildup on this weapon can be quickly exhausted by making a number of short attacks.

Dynast’s Finesse is ideal for a fast-moving construct because of its special talent. Its motion begins with a backward dodge and ends with a forward lunge, making it ideal for avoiding an approaching foe or closing a gap. Your character is additionally protected from harm when practicing this art’s dodge technique.

Hoslow’s Petal WhipPlayer Holding Hoslows Petal Whip

This whip deals good damage over a wider area than other common melee weapons. You can apply the status effect to adversaries as they approach or to those who are too shy to engage in immediate combat thanks to the added benefit of bleed buildup.

A high arcane stat is ideal for rapid distance pokes in PVP against opponents that want to stay their distance because it modulates how much build-up takes place. The Ash of War for this weapon is Kick, however you can change it to fit your playstyle.

Serpent BowPlayer Holding Serpent Bow Close Up

A top-tier ranged weapon is already a bow that gives any arrow a status effect. No matter how cheap the arrow, the Serpent bow adds a small poison accumulation. You can apply several status affects to an enemy or apply two doses of poison for faster results thanks to the status effect, which builds on any other effect from special arrows.

Only the accumulation of poison is impacted by your arcane stat, not the overall damage of this weapon. Although this weapon can only be used with the Ash of War: Mighty Shot skill, it does aid because the poison buildup’s increased potency has a greater impact than a standard arrow.

Marais Executioners Blade

The smallest greatsword in the game that deals both physical and magical damage is this one. Due to the fact that this weapon doesn’t scale from Intelligence, arcane builds can use stronger magic damage without having to invest in other stats.

This sword does damage that scales with your strength and arcane stat, thus it deals astronomically high damage when your arcane is high. With Eochaid’s Dancing Blade, its Special Ability, you can toss the weapon and bring it back like Thor’s hammer. This has a good range, deals a lot of damage, and just looks awesome.

Eleonora’s PolebladePlayer using Eleonora’s Poleblade one-handed

Eleonora’s poleblade inflicts physical, fire, and bleed buildup damage. Due to its quick attack strategy, you will be attacking your opponent in a variety of ways and at one of their weak points. With a high enough arcane stat, this weapon can be devastating because of the scaling of its damage and build-up.

With its special ability, Bloodblade Dance, you must jump at your victim and hit repeatedly with spins and slices. The perfect hit-and-run combo causing tremendous quantities of damage, this barrage of attacks ends with you jumping a safe distance back with an additional command.

Mohgwyn’s Sacred SpearPlayer Holding Mogwhyn’s Sacred Spear Two-Handed

The longest greatspear in the game, it deals massive damage over a great distance. Arcane scales this weapon’s physical and fire damage and adds bleed buildup. This greatly increases the effectiveness of an arcane build because your strength stat solely enhances physical damage.

Bloodboon Ritual, a wide AOE assault that deals fire damage and blood accumulation, is one of its special skills. Up to three attacks, each causing extremely high damage to each enemy and striking numerous targets, are permitted with this technique. This AOE attack is excellent for PVP because it deals significant damage to foes behind barriers and causes additional bleed accumulation.

Morgott’s Cursed SwordPlayer Using Morgott’s Cursed Blade Unique Skill

The weapon of the Omen King, Morgott. For a weapon with a status effect, this one has an extremely high basic damage. Additionally, it has one of the greatest stats for bleed buildup of any weapon. Scaling off your arcane stat can also result in some of the quickest bleed effects and significant damage output.

Its Special Ability: Cursed-Blood Slice produces a trail of blood in the air that catches fire and injures foes nearby. This talent enhances the bleed effect while also providing a distinct damage affinity. This ability can be combined with others for significant fire and physical damage as well as bleed effects.

Rivers of Blood

In Soulsborne games, katanas are consistently at the top of the list. With arcane scaling both fire and physical damage, this weapon deals an equal amount of damage. Being a Katana, it has swift attacks and a special bleed effect that quickly dispatches solitary adversaries or small groups.

The special ability of this weapon, Corpse Piler, causes the blood-covered weapon to swing in a “X” pattern in front of the user. The bleed buildup is kept up through repeated attacks, and the fire damage is significantly increased. The effective range of this weapon is extended by these attacks, which leave a trail of blood slightly in advance of each swing.