Best Dragon Communion Incantations Elden Ring


You can obtain higher-tier Incantations by wisely using your Runes, particularly in the area of dragon abilities. Early on, you don’t need to worry because Dragonice can be acquired pretty easily. Although it is not the greatest against most bosses, it is effective against hordes of minions or more difficult non-boss adversaries.

This is a simple grab due to the low casting expense and the lax faith requirements. When employed, it causes frostbite and harm to your adversary. The status condition reduces damage absorption and decreases stamina recovery. You fans of frost will have plenty of time to employ Dragonice because the next frost-based dragon breath attack won’t be available until late in the game.

There is no specific dragon you must slay in order to cast this Elden Ring spell of dragon communion. Instead, it will become available for purchase for one heart at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in the south of Caelid or the Coastal Cave in West Limgrave.


An excellent first spell, especially for dragon builds. Burning is a common response to scary things, and there are plenty of scary things in FromSoftware games. You should be able to utilize this as soon as you receive your first Dragon Heart due to its low cost in FP and low faith requirement. Burn hordes of mobs into a pile of ash for optimal results.

This will suffice for bosses that are vulnerable to fire damage while you learn more effective fire incantations. Dragonfire is simple to get because it may be found in Caelid’s Cathedral or off the shore of West Limgrave.

Borealis’s Mist

To face Borealis in the Mountain of the Giants, which won’t happen until later in your adventure, you must wait till you return to frost. However, if you enjoyed Dragonice, the wait will be worthwhile for a better frosty dragon breath.

When you attach the boss dragon’s name at the beginning of any normal Dragon Incantation, whether it be ice, fire, or anything else, it always indicates you are gaining some air when casting. Jump up to increase the range and damage of your soon-to-be-frozen adversaries’ breath attacks.

Agheel’s Flame

The improved version of Dragonfire that Agheel sells in Limgrave’s Dragon-Burnt Ruins. The ruins to combat this creature can be reached early on, even though you need 23 Faith with 15 Arcane, which is slightly more than the 15 Faith and 12 Arcane needed for Dragonfire. If you are a low level, the battle will be challenging, but with the appropriate preparations, you can start the game with a powerful fire invocation.

Jump up to improve your range and do more fire damage to enemies or bosses. Enemies will find it difficult to flee from being roasted alive.

Glintstone Breath

In a Soulslike, magic of any kind guarantees that you will eliminate 99.9% of your opponents. Elden Ring is no exception, but why use a staff to cast magic when a dragon head can be grown to cast magic fire instead? It is much cooler, which is why.

Glintstone Most bosses and mobs can be destroyed by breath, with the exception of those that are magic-resistant. So perhaps refrain from using this at Raya Lucaria Academy. It is simple to obtain and one of the best Elden Ring dragon communion incantations. For this one, turn in one heart at the Cathedral in Caelid. You won’t have to kill anything to open it.

Theodorix’s Magma

Another late-game incantation that stands out since it was delivered by a Magma Wyrm rather than the usual dragon. This particular Wyrm can be found in the Consecrated Snowfield, just north of Albinauric Rise, in a frozen river.

This fire-based incantation stands out since it produces magma rather than the usual flames. When an enemy enters it, they are slowed down and incur fire damage at the same time. It works well for crowd management.

Smarag’s Glintstone Breath

Breathing magic fire in midair is the only thing that can compare. Compared to the standard Glintstone Breath you learn early on, Smarag’s version is much stronger and has a greater range. Now, as long as anything is susceptible to magic, you can effectively destroy almost anything without breaking a sweat.

Smarag must first be defeated in Liurnia of the Lakes. As the dragon is sleeping directly on the Glintstone Key for the Academy that you must use to enter, this battle is crucial. While you can dodge the dragon to get the key, you must kill it and eat its heart if you desire this power.

Rotten Breath

One of Elden Ring’s finest status effects is Scarlet Rot. With a few exceptions, it will gradually destroy any boss or mob. For the majority of foes, the initial damage is excellent, but what makes this unique is how it gradually ends their lives after it starts.

Given that the minimal prerequisite for anyone employing incantations is 15 Faith and 12 Arcane, this is a simple unlock. You will need high FP to prolong the breath for maximum damage when the rot strikes and does that initial damage. At the Cathedral, it likewise takes one heart to open without engaging in combat.

Ekzyke’s Decay

When you go to Caelid, look for Decaying Ekzykes and kill them to get the more lethal version of breathing out this probably foul breath. You’ll leap into the air and let forth a wave of poisonous gas, just like in certain previous Dragon Communion incantations. No one can escape your wrath because the effect is more potent with a longer range to cover more land.

Although some people refer to magic as being simple, they might not be familiar with Scarlet Rot. Either Ekzyke’s Decay or Rotten Breath will feel significantly more challenging than the other.

Placidusax’s Ruin

You cannot access the two-headed dragon secret boss Placidusax until you have traveled to Crumbling Farum Azula on the final route. It can be difficult to locate, but after taking the Great Bridge elevator down, you must pass through the aquatic temple before you can exit the building and reach the ledge. You can follow the trail till the end, where there will be a rock to step on. To receive a signal to lie down, proceed to the center. You acquire this great power when you turn in your recollection at the Roundtable.

We’ll make an exemption even though it isn’t exactly a Dragon Communion spell because you obtain a dragon breath when you kill a dragon. How can you not desire it when it also produces lightning and explosions, which is so unbelievably cool? All other dragon incantations lack precision and are directed. To make sure no one escapes your fury, you are allowed to fire in any direction in this situation.

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