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Titanfall 2 has seen a number of gameplay swings over the years given that its 2016 release. The video game’s weapons have actually seen numerous enthusiasts and also nerfs due to Respawns’ whims, as well as the meta has seen its own fair share of adjustments as a result.

Here are the weapons in Titanfall 2 that have remained on top, even after all the meta’s swings.


This SMG is one of the most well balanced yet effective weapons in the video game. Able to kill at all varieties, it masters CQB, yet its recoil is low sufficient to where it’s a hazard at array as well. It’s basically a staple of the video game, and an “Old Trusted” weapon that experienced Titanfall professionals can return to whenever they seem like they need to snag some kills.

Greater than anything, you’ll never ever be caught off-guard with the auto. Titanfall has to do with movement, and also having the versatility to kill at multiple arrays can enable you to diversify your methods. If you have actually been up close as well as personal for a couple of involvements, perhaps hang back a little bit or attempt to obtain upright for your following kill. The cars and truck works almost wherever you try to utilize it.


The choice of snipers and also aim-gods almost everywhere, there isn’t much in Titanfall 2 that really feels far better than managing an insane Kraber shot. One bullet to any type of part of the body is enough to secure the kill, so fire away, even when unscoped.

For the specialists, try making use of the grapple and gravity stars to intensify your activity, or hang unwary enemies in place. If you’re wanting to definitely design on your opponents, the Kraber is without a doubt the best alternative for you.

Wingman Elite

One more high-skill tool on this listing is the Wingman Elite. This high-damage, high-accuracy space revolver can be wielded with lethal accuracy, as well as its hipfire serves in a pinch.

Like the Kraber, the Wingman Elite isn’t for newbies. But with time, with a little getting utilized to the circulation of the game, it can have a damaging influence on opponent groups. As long as the individual fires directly, the Wingman Elite is ravaging.


This quick rate-of-fire SMG is extremely helpful in close quarters as well as is unbelievably effective when hip firing. It’s best utilized in mix with flexibility, as well as with the fire-while-sprinting perk, it’s an absolute buzzsaw.

That being claimed, the R-97 is extremely unreliable at range. The horizontal recoil makes it hard to spray down also medium-ranged enemies. However with all the flexibility alternatives, there’s actually no excuse to not enter close.


The Generator might have the best hipfire in the game, and also incorporated with appropriate mid-range efficiency, it’s an extremely solid tool. It plays like the midground between the R-97 and also the auto and also is very effective with the extended publication.

Overall, the Generator is never a poor selection. While the R-97 bests it in close range, as well as the CAR is the remarkable mid-range SMG, the Generator is still a powerful weapon. The magazine dimension and also slow rate of fire however high damage permit players to take on numerous opponents without needing to reload constantly. When incorporated with a strong hipfire spread, the Alternator is most definitely a powerful tool.


The closest point to a Call of Duty weapon in the Titanfall world, the burst-fire Hemlock is ravaging at mid and long-range involvements. Its reasonably high rate of fire makes it acceptable in close quarters, yet it’s most definitely not where the gun is one of the most valuable.

Especially, the Hemlock is deadly with verticality, which can open up brand-new angles where to take gunfights the meta SMGs simply can’t. Its very low downtime makes it viable for tackling multiple fighters without reloading, and also it’s lethally precise.

Cold War

This grenade launcher is terrific with superb motion, however if you don’t have good activity it’s not recommended. It’s mosting likely to be extremely solid with verticality so it can shoot down at more based pilots, but it’s tough to shoot up.

This brings us to one more pitfall of the Cold War: it’s very streaky. Since it’s best when shooting down, it requires the individual and also the individual’s team to be on a bit of a hot streak to really get going. When the other team is regularly generating and does not have any type of energy in their movement accumulated, it’s strong, however all the best aiming it towards the skies.

It’s a self-confidence weapon. If you can steamroll with it, it’s hugely powerful, yet it’s very hit or miss.


If we’re opting for the moment before the nerfs, the Volt is the very best weapon in the game. After the nerfs, it’s still solid, however not by far and away the best weapon in the video game as it when was. This laser SMG has little recoil and can definitely annihilate in close, its hipfire is ridiculously great.

Its damage isn’t what it once was, however it’s ultimately excellent that an SMG that could out-DPS SMGs as well as assault rifles was nerfed. Its informing noise is pleasurable on the ears if you’re using it, and also still an indicator that you need to flee if you aren’t.


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