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Introduction to Firewatch

Firewatch is an award-winning game and also nominated for many. Most popular amazing mystery game in wildness. The storyline is perfect and you can buy this game from their official site at cheap rates.

In-game you play as Henry who is tired of his messy life. Finally, he gets a job far away from his life. He must work as a fire lookout in forest to keep it safe from any harm. He is connected with his supervisor on handled radio and there is no connection with the whole world.

In hot times, it becomes really hard as smoke can begin anywhere inside the forest. Your duty is really tough and supervisor Delilah is there to support you in any trouble. They build a tower for you which is like your job point in the wild forest.

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One day Henry receive a call from the supervisor to look for strange smoke coming in a faraway part of the forest. He visited there and find 2 girls who were angry with him and left in a hurry. He found someone is watching him from the cave site, unable to find anyone. Upon his return, he found someone already steals things from the tower.

The game is really nice and as henry, you will explore a lot of wild forest areas. Find amazing items, new clues about what’s happening. The game was sold millions of times after the release and its still popular.

As per the official site, they allow players to use their games to stream on any platforms. On this page, they answer almost every question which may come to your mind. game is available for many platforms like Windows, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation. We suggest you read about very cool and best game series Best Harvest Moon Games which are also an amazing RPG game ever created for different platforms.

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Details of Similar Games

1- Gone Home

Gone Home is one of the best Games like Firewatch. There are few things which make it different like you can explore the wild forest in Firewatch but Gona Home is all about one house to explore. House is huge and all areas are locked from each other, you must find different clues or complete objectives to unlock other areas.

The game looks simple but there is a complete story plot created for it which you can discover throughout the game. Katie is a character you will play in-game, come back from an overseas tour. She is trying to find out what happened in her absence by exploring a new family home.

Gone Home received 2 awards for its amazing gameplay. It receives too many positive reviews on almost every platform. Game is best for non-violence as no one is gonna attack you at any point. It’s just the best mystery where the house wants you to explore it.

There are no difficult puzzles created in-game which may force you to quit it. In some games, developers add some difficult tasks which players may not be able to complete. Gone Home is best for almost everything and easy to play for all.

2- The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Game is an adventure, horror, and open world where you must solve the mystery of Carter’s family death. You get a huge area to explore which is similar to Firewtach. Unlike Gone Home, you can consider this game one of the best Games like Firewatch. There is no limitation which may stop you like stuck in the house only.

There are many side stories included in-game, many puzzles, and some important tasks which players must complete to reach the ending. You can understand this game is not simple, it required a lot of understanding to solve puzzles and complete various tasks.

You will play as a game character Paul who is a paranormal investigator. He receives a letter from his kid fan from very far away. He invited him to visit his village and spend some time there. Upon his arrival, he realizes that kid is missing and a lot of strange things already happened in a small town.

He investigates and finds about the dark secret of this family. They release a spirit by mistake which is hunting them down now. Kid uncle tries ton sacrifice him to the spirit but he runs away with the help of his father. Lof of deadly crimes have happened and spirit is still released. With this short story, you can understand this game is more similar to Firewatch then any other game.

3- The Long Dark

Its survival game in which you will explore the huge area and try to survive. Very bad destruction happens and now you are alone in a place with fewer resources. There are no zombies in this game, only you and any danger which can harm you from wildness.

The Long Dark is a complete story game where some episodes are created which you must complete one by one to finish it. The game is similar to Firewatch because it allows you to explore the huge area in the forest. You can read the complete story on Steam and also buy this game too.

Survival mode is really interesting where only death can finish the game. Explore a lot of locations, defend against wild attacks by nature, collect resources that can help, and test your skills how much time you can survive?

There are 4 different experience mods which you can choose freely. It provides players with the opportunity to play the game as per their level. For example, if you are new to the game, you can choose a mod that is less difficult to play. After you become an expert, play at a hard level. You can play this game 4 times after you improve your skills which is really the best advantage of The Long dark.

4- Oxenfree

Best adventure and a paranormal game where the main character visited an island with friends and release a mysterious force by mistake. Now they must try to figure out what this force wants from them. Graphics are really cool and the gameplay is awesome.

It’s one of the best Games Like Firewatch because of mystery and a lot of areas to explore. A lot of different types of events are happening in-game which are really confusing sometimes. Some paranormal activities are happening everywhere and especially with the main character.

The game is built on a system of walk and talk. You can connect with everyone on the island to know more about what is happening around. The game was nominated for many awards but won only 1 yet.

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5- Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a graphic adventure game where players must solve a lot of puzzles to complete a game. The in-game character receives some abilities which allow her to look into the future. She gets the power to rewind what is happened in limited time. There is completes tory in-game which starts to end is really cool and a lot of mystery is involved.

At the start of the game, Maxine started to experience her power. It can take some time for players to understand everything in-game. They are able to rewind any event which happens for a limited time. One 1st day, some visions came into her mind. She started to understand what is happening to her. But the next day those visions started to come into life.

She saw one of her class fellow suicide on 1st day and the next day it really happened. She uses her abilities and rewind whole day to save her friend. After that, both started to search for puzzles and try to find out what is happening.

The game looks different from Firewatch because there is no exploration in the open-world, no violence is present like that game. But mystery and exploration in the Maxine world are important factors that make it one of the awesome Games Like Firewatch.

6- Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture 

The game is set in the old times where everyone is disappeared from a village. The character of game must explore the whole town, try to find out where everyone is gone. The area is huge to explore, solve puzzles, look for answers, and connect different pieces.

Exploring and Mystery are the best factors making Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture perfect Games Like Firewatch. But this game is more challenging and provides too many different clues to complete it.

Game is divided into different areas and each revolves around a completely different character. There are 2 scientists who are working there. One day they found a strange pattern of life and make a throw that its some unknown species trying to communicate with them.

Soon, they realize that this pattern is infecting and killing animals and birds. In a short time, it spreads to humans too. Kate is a scientist who locked herself with patterns and spend too much time with it to understand it. After some time she realizes that it’s a very dangerous entity and it can kill the whole human race.

7- Dear Esther

There is only one task in this game and its exploration of the island. The player can find a huge area where no one exists but listening to the voice of the old man who speaks to his wife. Whenever players reach a new location in-game, it plays a new letter fragment.

Dear Esther is full of mystery and adventure but it’s very complicated. There re different locations to explore like caves, some abandoned houses, and more. Games receive too many positive reviews on different platforms.

The most important feature of this game is its graphics. Full of mystery and allow players to explore the large place with too many locations. Exploring and Mystery make Dear Esher the best Games Like Firewatch.

8- The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is exploring game which was created as a mod for half-life 2 in the past. After some time they make it a stand-alone game with a lot of updates such as improving graphics. Game is not free to play like you can’t make choices similar to Firewatch.

They build a complete storyline in which you just make choices and play like a movie game. There are multiple ending in-game which depends on your choices. But you can consider it the best amazing game with less control but provide a really cool experience to gamers.

There are choices on every step of the game. You can choose different choices when you play at any time. It presents you with a completely different ending every time.

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More Information about Firewatch

Is Firewatch Game still worth it?

Yes, After reading the above short story and introduction you may realize that its a really perfect game. Everything from storyline to gameplay and graphics is really realistic. It’s not a free game but you can buy it for just 20 dollars and you will realize that game is worth 1000 dollars.

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Well, you can read about all the above games. All of these games are the best alternative to Oxenfree. In simple words one of the best alternatives is Firewtach. So this above list applies for Oxenfree too. But you can read one another article which provides 14 alternatives on Twinfinite.

Firewatch for Other Platforms – Firewatch ps4 – Firewatch Switch – Steam Firewatch – Firewatch Xbox one – Firewatch Steam

It’s available for many platforms. You can buy a game from their official site and the complete list is available there. This game is equally popular and perfect playable to all platforms.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

Games Radar is a very popular site and we already use their site to point out some of the other similar posts. Their content is unique and they explain everything properly to users. You can read about 10 perfect Games like Firewtach there which are explained with full details.

IGN is another site that created a list on the same topic. They provide 8 games which are mostly different from our list. All games are explained with video and short details which is enough for gamers to understand about them. IGDB is a site that is popular to write about alternatives and the main focus is to provide ratings. You cant read any details on their site. But they provide a rating score on how much this game is similar to the title.

TheCinemaholic is a popular site to find original content. Read about 11 different games which are Like Firewatch. They provide some good amazing details for each game. Few games on their list are strange because there are some creatures involved which make those games different from Firewatch. One of the tope examples is Walking Dead where Zombies are making it a completely different level of the game.

Conclusion for Games Like Firewatch

In this article different types of games are added. Some are very close to Firewatch because of their mystery concept. Few games are best for exploring which is an important part of Firewatch. Two games which provide a more similar experience to users because mystery, exploration and adventure is part of them.

The Stanley Parable is a limited game but we include it in our list because you explore, solve the mystery even in story mode. Every choice can take you to the next level and provide you with different endings. We accept its less similar game to Firewatch but some feature of this game forces us to add in this list.

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